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Server Rate problem

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Another reference to my website found from a Google Analytics report...

Originally Posted by sweet View Post
Woops, I did not see the first post. Damn, his system is good. Anyway thats a general advice.
Thanks, I updated it the other day to take in Mbps and Gbps(lol) throughput if you have them. I'm also looking into implementing a more modern hardware recommendation too.

You should check out Drek's thread if you still get lag after using our calculator.

Originally Posted by moosewanted View Post
most professional gaming servers these days use 1200 to 2500 ticrate
Finally, I would not go over a tickrate of 200 - not that you can exceed 1000 anyway. Unless you're running a really low CPU usage game like HLDM with around 8-12 players, you're just going to end up with players complaining about lag when your server fills up.

It's also worth noting that the Windows HLDS can't actually achieve much more than 500 FPS anyway, even with timer resolution tweaks.

Originally Posted by ehha View Post
default 100
min 0
max 1000
type integer
server side

This command sets the maximum “frames” per second the server can calculate.
If you set it to 4 or lower and use 'rcon stats' to find out the server's FPS, you won't see it drop below 4.

I recently wrote a guide at the Sven Co-op forums you might find useful about setting and tweaking sys_ticrate here: http://www.svencoop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37399

You should take a look at that SeriousSam. There is also a tiny tool on there that would save you from having to run that unstable 'booster' Metamod plug-in to get high tick rates.

Adam Reece - Sven Co-op team.
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