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get ground Z from an origin

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Old 10-13-2020 , 08:39   get ground Z from an origin
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I don't know how to phrase the title correctly, so im going to explain my problem here.

Basically i just wanna make a function that spreads flame in random coordinate in the spesific radius. I managed to do that, but the problem is that, if the flame spreads on air, the "fire" sprites are also floating on air, to fix this, i think im going to modify the sprite's origin so that it will show the sprites on the ground. (The x and y axis is fine, just need to modify the z axis)

So, my question is that how do i get from a normal origin to the new origin that is actually placed on the ground.

I think it's like "EngFunc_DropToFloor" but for an origin instead of an entity

This is the actual code
stock random_fire(iOrigin[3], max_radius, count) {         for(new i = 0; i < count; i++){                 new Float:rand_coord[2]         new Float:theta         new Float:r         new Float:rand[2]                 new randomSize = random_num(7,12)                 rand[0] = random_float(0.0, 1.0);         rand[1] = random_float(0.0, 1.0);         r = max_radius * rand[0]         theta = rand[1] * 7         rand_coord[0] = r*floatcos(theta, radian)         rand_coord[1] = r*floatsin(theta, radian)                 message_begin(MSG_BROADCAST, SVC_TEMPENTITY);         write_byte(TE_SPRITE);         write_coord(iOrigin[0] + floatround(rand_coord[0]));         write_coord(iOrigin[1] + floatround(rand_coord[1]));         write_coord(iOrigin[2]);         write_short(firespr);         write_byte(randomSize);         write_byte(255);         message_end();     } }
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Old 10-13-2020 , 09:05   Re: get ground Z from an origin
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What you will need is EngFunc_TraceLine. Subtracting 9999 from the start position z axis you'll get the end position. Trace a line using those positions and get the result of TR_vecEndPos.
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Old 10-17-2020 , 05:56   Re: get ground Z from an origin
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PHP Code:
traceEnd origin
[2] = traceEnd[2] - 8192.0

new traceLineHandle create_tr2()

The function will change "origin" to hold the ground origin. If you still need the previous value, create a backup before calling getGroundOrigin.

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