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Apply cvars for a single client or flag

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Old 04-14-2024 , 15:08   Apply cvars for a single client or flag
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Is there a way I can apply a cvar (that usually would apply to all player), to a single player or flag (vip for example)

in the hidenseek chasemod plugin: (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=239132)

the radius of the freezenade is defined in hidenseek.cfg by 'hns_freeze_radius' and what I want is change this cvar for a single player/flag, is that possible? if yes, how can I do that.

obs: i have little to no sourcepawn/csgo server knowledge, so take easy on me
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Peter Brev
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Old 04-29-2024 , 05:02   Re: Apply cvars for a single client or flag
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I don't have a CSS server to test this, but try the following.

At the top of the file, add the following global variables:
PHP Code:
bool    g_bRadiusPlayer[MAXPLAYERS 1];
float     g_fFreezeOverride[MAXPLAYERS 1]; 
Those will be used as our override value whenever a player gets frozen.

In the OnPluginStart section, under all the CreateConVar stuff, add:
PHP Code:
RegAdminCmd("hns_freeze_radius_player"hns_freeze_playerADMFLAG_ROOT"Override the freeze radius of a player"); 
This adds an admin command with root privileges to set a custom freeze radius to a player.

Add the following block of code somewhere:
PHP Code:
Action hns_freeze_player(int clientint args)
    if (
args 2)
ReplyToCommand(client"[HNS] Usage: hns_freeze_radius_player <name|#userid> <radius>");

char arg1[MAX_NAME_LENGTH];
char arg2[12];


int Target FindTarget(clientarg1truefalse);

    if (
Target == -1)

int arg2int StringToFloat(arg2);

    if (
arg2int 0)
ReplyToCommand(client"[HNS] Invalid radius amount.");

    if (
arg2int != GetConVarFloat(g_hFreezeRadius))
g_bRadiusPlayer[client]      = true;
g_fFreezeOverride[client] = arg2int;

ReplyToCommand(client"[HNS] Freeze radius set to %d for %N."arg2intTarget);

g_bRadiusPlayer[client]      = false;
ReplyToCommand(client"[HNS] Value %d is already the global freeze radius value.");


This is the function of our new admin command.

Finally, find the following line (around the 1100):

PHP Code:
if (GetVectorDistance(faDecoyCoordtargetCoord) <= g_fFreezeRadius)
Replace with:
PHP Code:
if (g_bRadiusPlayer[iClient] && GetVectorDistance(faDecoyCoordtargetCoord) <= g_fFreezeOverride[iClient])
                    else if (
GetVectorDistance(faDecoyCoordtargetCoord) <= g_fFreezeRadius)
Again, this is untested. It may very need some tweaking. Try it and see what happens.

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