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CS:S Team Balance

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Old 12-26-2015 , 04:26   Re: CS:S Team Balance
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Dose it work on cs go?
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Old 02-25-2016 , 17:53   Re: CS:S Team Balance
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This plugin works for cs:go

but ....

Has anyone been having problems in CS:GO where players sometimes end up being spawned with the opposite team but keep their original team? For example, player1 is a T and is auto swapped to CT but can kill CT's (they have the skin of a T and show up as T on the scoreboard).

Can someone fix this?

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Old 05-21-2018 , 12:42   Re: CS:S Team Balance
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getting errors in my logs
SM] Call stack trace:
L 05/19/2018 - 154:53: [SM] [0] SDKCall
L 05/19/2018 - 154:53: [SM] [1] Line 805, C:\Users\Evan\source\plugins\team balance\addons\sourcemod\scripting\teambalanc e.sp::SwitchTeam
L 05/19/2018 - 154:53: [SM] [2] Line 709, C:\Users\Evan\source\plugins\team balance\addons\sourcemod\scripting\teambalanc e.sp::BalanceTeams
L 05/19/2018 - 154:53: [SM] [3] Line 552, C:\Users\Evan\source\plugins\team balance\addons\sourcemod\scripting\teambalanc e.sp::EventRoundStart
L 05/19/2018 - 156:18: [SM] Exception reported: Invalid Handle 0 (error 4)
L 05/19/2018 - 156:18: [SM] Blaming: teambalance.smx
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Old 12-03-2019 , 17:54   Re: CS:S Team Balance
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Hi everyone - just registered for this plugin ... a friend had it working on his server some time ago, but he disabandoned it and he doesn't know which version he had working.

I have a CS:S server running on a windows server machine - just for testing. Later i will switch to linux - but on windows, this plugin produces the same error as dustydevil posted.

I'm a programmer (not sourcepawn) so i digged a bit deeper, downloaded the source, and looked in the code.

In my error-logs there are 2 errors.

First on line 801
SDKCall(weaponDrop, client, bomb, false, false);
And more often on line 805
SDKCall(switchTeam, client, team);
So these 2 "events" produce errors.
To make it short, i searched for these handles and where they are initialized and came to the file "teambalance.games.txt". Before i go further - in this file there are different settings for windows and linux.

Question: On which machines are you running your CS:S servers? Maybe this error occurs only with windows?

Oh and the teamswitch on my server works sometimes... confusing.
And there is an issue with another plugin i installed. Players get every round full 16k $ - but not after a teamswitch.

(sorry if that all sounds strange - i'm german)
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Old 12-04-2019 , 15:21   Re: CS:S Team Balance
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Figured it out. It's a problem with the windows-settings. I found the game-rules in the sm-core (games.css.txt) and pasted it in teambalance.games.txt.

I didn't find "SetModel" so i took it from "SetModelFromClass". Works on my machine. When i switch to the linux server, i will check if the settings are ok.

				"library"	"server"
				"windows"	"\x55\x8B\xEC\x51\x89\x2A\x2A\x8B\x2A\x2A\x8B\x10\x8B"
				"linux"		"@_ZN9CCSPlayer12RoundRespawnEv"
				"library"	"server"
				"windows"	"\x55\x8B\xEC\x83\xEC\x2A\x89\x4D\x2A\x8B\x45\x2A\x50\xE8\x2A\x2A\x2A\x2A\x83\xC4\x04\x85\xC0\x74"
				"linux"		"@_ZN9CCSPlayer10SwitchTeamEi"
				"library"	"server"
				"windows"	"\x55\x8B\xEC\x83\xEC\x34\x89\x4D\xFC\x8B\x4D\xFC\xE8\x2A\x2A\x2A\x2A\x83\xF8\x02"
				"linux"		"@_ZN11CBaseEntity8SetModelEPKc"
				"library"	"server"
				"windows"	"\x2A\x2A\x2A\x2A\x2A\x2A\x01\x00\x00\x89\x4D\xFC\xC6\x45\x2A\x2A\x8B\x4D\x2A\xE8\x2A\x2A\x2A\x2A\x0F\xB6\xC0"
				"linux"		"@_ZN9CCSPlayer12CSWeaponDropEP17CBaseCombatWeaponbb"
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Old 01-01-2020 , 15:03   Re: CS:S Team Balance
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Hi guyz.
Just dowloaded this plugin, i run it, and got this error.
Could anyone help with this? Thanks.
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Old 02-22-2020 , 10:40   Re: CS:S Team Balance
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@ OV24: Can you paste the error as text here?

@All: I am running a linux-server for a week now, no errors so far.
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Old 03-09-2020 , 03:40   Re: CS:S Team Balance
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simple chinese translations file
Attached Files
File Type: txt plugin.teambalance.txt (2.5 KB, 27 views)

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Old 06-23-2020 , 16:33   Re: CS:S Team Balance
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Is it works fine in CS:S in 2020?
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