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(More) Random crashes and server stuck

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Old 09-28-2022 , 13:13   (More) Random crashes and server stuck
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Ok, so I've been testing my Tailscale SRCDS instance for quite a while and after many crashes (just look at this thread) and many SM/MM wipes, the server managed to stop changing levels whenever a chapter is finished.

I've verified game files, I renamed the addons folder and nothing seems to fix it.
The only workaround I've found is to disconnect, then reconnect to start the next chapter.

As for the crash issue, I've noticed that the Multiple Equipment plugin is what causes the crash; however, it only crashes when sv_lan is set to 1. While I'm still not sure why or how to solve that issue, I've found the following in the source code:

HookEvent("player_first_spawn", ePlayerFirstSpawn); // player_first_spawn is what causes the crash, see above when it's used
public Action ePlayerFirstSpawn(Handle event, const char[] name, bool dont_broadcast)
	int client = GetClientOfUserId(GetEventInt(event, "userid")); // Maybe it crashes because of the User ID?

 	if(GetConVarInt(l4d_me_afk_save) == 1)
void SaveEquipment(int i) // Saves equipment when AFK
	for(int slot = 0; slot <= 4; slot++)
			BackupItemName[i][slot] = ItemName[i][slot];
			BackupItemInfo[i][slot][0] = ItemInfo[i][slot][0];
			BackupItemInfo[i][slot][1] = ItemInfo[i][slot][1];
			BackupItemInfo[i][slot][2] = ItemInfo[i][slot][2];
			BackupItemInfo[i][slot][3] = ItemInfo[i][slot][3];
At this point, I'm just getting told to cope. Sucks for me.
I was thinking about switching from Tailscale to ZeroTier in order to fix some LAN issues (eg. C class error), but now that I have this issue I'm pretty much out of luck.

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