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Quick Update on L4D2 (The Passing)

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William Travis Focker
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Old 04-28-2010 , 03:59   Re: Quick Update on L4D2 (The Passing)

My server mysteriously started working after my last post without me doing ANYTHING to it. Might've been my hosting company, can't think of any other explanation.

Anyways... so far so good now that I've been able to try it. Thanks for the fix.
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Old 04-28-2010 , 13:18   Re: Quick Update on L4D2 (The Passing)

NEVERMIND - I've found solution just needed to change my gameinfo.txt into a mix of SM file and DLC file that looks like this:
GameBin |gameinfo_path|addons\metamod\bin
Game update
Game left4dead2_dlc1
Game |gameinfo_path|.
Game hl2

My game version is, I'm trying to run LAN Server on Windows (thru the console "map ~" command).

After installing newer versions of MM and SM my game started to crash after intro.
I have installed lots of releases of both MM and SM, and only MMsource-1.8.1-hg699 + Sourcemod-1.4.0-hg2957 seem to let me get past the first loading screen. Moreover, with them installed I can't access The Passing DLC content (lacking menu options + can't access maps from DLC) and entering Addons screen result in alert that I got no Addon Support installed (even tho I got it). Any ideas how to get DLC working with MM+SM ?

PS. I've searched the forums, haven't found anything yet, most of people ask about dedicated server on linux :p

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Old 04-28-2010 , 15:11   Re: Quick Update on L4D2 (The Passing)

Has anyone figured out what is wrong with user created maps yet? Death Aboard II and City 17 hasn't worked after the update, but Left 4 Cake 2 and Zombies of the Caribbean do... I had them on the server and they worked fine b4 the update, I have deleted them from the server and re added them and they still don't work right... any ideas?

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out...I think

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Old 04-28-2010 , 16:09   Re: Quick Update on L4D2 (The Passing)

what was it mate? im about to upload them to my server
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Old 04-28-2010 , 16:14   Re: Quick Update on L4D2 (The Passing)

i'm running Death Aboard II, 2 Evil Eyes, Dead City II, and the l4d1 maps on my server...apparently all are running ok from what i've been told. haven't had a chance to play them myself yet.
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Old 04-29-2010 , 03:05   Re: Quick Update on L4D2 (The Passing)

Valve's theory is that it is campaigns with custom models that breaks the servers.

Has anyone tried Freezer Burn (has a custom tank skin)?
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