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Solved [TF2] How to Get Saxxy Classname?

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Old 11-16-2019 , 23:44   [TF2] How to Get Saxxy Classname?
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How can I reliably return the weapon classname of a players active weapon when they are holding a saxxy weapon such as 'The Bat Outta Hell' or the 'Prinny Machete'

For example, if I equip 'The Bat Outta Hell' each of these functions will return a classname of 'tf_weapon_bonesaw'. How do I get a classname of 'saxxy'?

char sWeapon2[32];
GetClientWeapon(target, sWeapon2, sizeof(sWeapon2));

* Gets the classname and entity index of the current/active weapon of a client.
* @param client		Client Index.
* @param buffer		String Buffer to store the weapon's classname.
* @param size			Max size of String: buffer.
* @return				Weapon Entity Index on success or INVALID_ENT_REFERENCE otherwise
stock Client_GetActiveWeaponName(client, String:buffer[], size)
	new weapon = Client_GetActiveWeapon(client);

	if (weapon == INVALID_ENT_REFERENCE) {
		buffer[0] = '\0';

	Entity_GetClassName(weapon, buffer, size);

	return weapon;
Note, these functions seem to return the correct classname on all of the other weapon classes that I tested.

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Old 11-17-2019 , 01:17   Re: [TF2] How to Get Saxxy Classname?
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There's a netprop for the weapons named m_iItemDefinitionIndex. You can try to get the Saxxy's index, then have a check on the netprop comparing it to the numbered index you found.

As far as I know not all weapons have their own classnames; some just reuse existing ones.
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Old 11-17-2019 , 10:02   Re: [TF2] How to Get Saxxy Classname?
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Sounds like an XY problem; what's your goal here, exactly?

The most foolproof way would be to look it up in the schema with the item's definition index. TF2Econ_GetItemClassName from my Econ Data library would be the newest way of going about that.
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Old 11-17-2019 , 22:46   Re: [TF2] How to Get Saxxy Classname?
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Thanks nosoop! The TF2Econ_GetItemClassName works great.

Use case: I use it to troubleshoot weapon specific problems within the Uber Upgrades plugin because it uses weapon classes to determine upgrade menus that are displayed to the client.

Example Problem: In my most recent example an Engineer claimed the buildings upgrade menu wouldn't appear when he used the Prinny Machete (a saxxy class weapon).

Typical troubleshooting step: I use the !getweapon command from Joined Senses Attribute Setter plugin to determine a players weapon class. I noticed the weapon indexes being returned were sometimes wrong, and also noticed that the weaponclass returned was always wrong when the player had a saxxy class weapon equipped.

While testing fixes to the plugin I realized that the SourceMod function "GetClientWeapon" and SMLIB Function "Client_GetActiveWeaponName" do not return the correct classname with saxxy class weapons. However, the TF2Econ_GetItemClassName function you provided works great. Thanks!
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