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[TF2] Unused Voicelines (v1.0, 1-17-2021)

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Team Fortress 2
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    Plays unused announcer voicelines, class speeches, & sounds/music.
    Old 01-17-2021 , 19:26   [TF2] Unused Voicelines (v1.0, 1-17-2021)
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    [TF2] Unused Voicelines

    This plugin brings several announcer voicelines, character speeches, and music/sounds from valve's casual/competitive gamemodes into community servers. This plugin requires no configuration, unless you want to disable some of the sounds. None of the sounds are intrusive nor out of the ordinary from stock TF2.

    I made this plugin for Creators.TF at the request of Qball.

    Video example of pregame countdown + music:

    Listed in your cfg/sourcemod/unused_voicelines.cfg which will be auto-generated on plugin load.
    • uv_teamscramble [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable the teamscramble voiceline.
    • uv_payloadcart [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable the 'Defend our cart!' or 'Get to the cart!' announcer voicelines on payload when setup is finished.
    • uv_pregame_music [0/1/2/3] - (Default: 3) 0 = No Pregame music, 1 = Casual pregame music, 2 = Competitive pregame music, 3 = Randomly pick either casual/comp pregame music.
    • uv_pregame_countdown [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable pregame announcer countdown.
    • uv_roundactive_fight [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable the 'Fight!' announcer voiceline when round first becomes active.
    • uv_roundactive_cp [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable the 'prepare to attack/defend the enemy control points' announcer voiceline when the round first becomes active.
    • uv_dontfailagain [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable the 'Dont Fail Me Again' announcer voiceline at the start of the round if the team failed last round.
    • uv_teamwipe [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable the announcer team wipe voicelines.
    • uv_game_end [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable 'You Failed'/'Victory' and music after the last round of the map has ended.
    • uv_speech_roundstart [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable character speeches at the start of rounds.
    • uv_speech_roundwin [0/1] - (Default: 1) Enable/Disable character speeches when the round is won/lost.

    1. Install Sourcemod.
    2. Click "Download" at the bottom of this post.
    3. Extract and move the "addons" folder to your /tf/ folder.
    4. Restart the server or type "sm plugins load unusedvoicelines" in the server console.


    • Powerlord for his gamemode detection include and very helpful tutorial on character speeches.
    • Qball for suggesting the idea and helping me find the majority of these voicelines.



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    Old 01-27-2021 , 19:43   Re: [TF2] Unused Voicelines (v1.0, 1-17-2021)
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    Perhaps as a suggestion you can add the arena announcer voice lines to sudden death? First blood, last man, etc.
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