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Using a string array to create a model list?

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Old 12-25-2018 , 13:01   Using a string array to create a model list?
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i'm looking to create a script which can load a list of models the player can equip

for example ID 1 would have one model

and ID 2 would have a different model

something to the effect of

PHP Code:
pubic action GetCostumes(){
char costumelist={"model1.mdl","model2.mdl" }
char matlist= { {"model1tex.vmt","model1.vtf"} , {"model2.vmt","model2.vtf" } }
char returnlist[][]={ costumelistmatlist }

action EquipCostume(id,list){
Setmodel(list[id]) // equips slot of the list

availablecostumes=GetCostumes(); // get list from above to a local array, this can be used to add to a downloadlist later perhaps

EquipCostume(0,availablecostumes); /// equips model1.mdl to player from the list 
how could this be realistically achieved?

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