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[CSS] Random Skin/Model Change

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Counter-Strike: Source
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    Gives each player a random custom skin.
    Old 12-08-2009 , 20:17   [CSS] Random Skin/Model Change
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    Gives each player a random custom skin. You can specify between 1 to 8 separate models per team. When the plugin is enabled, the player is given a random model every spawn. Disabling the plugin will revert player models back to the standard CSS models. The models used can be changed by updating ini files and doing a map change.

    No plugin code modification required to change customs models used.
    *.mdl file names are extracted from model ini files. No CVAR's used.
    Comments, leading, and trailing white space allowed in ini files.

    Servers using this mod: http://www.game-monitor.com/search.p..._version=1.0.5

    I have tested and used this plugin on my server only
    • Linux Source Dedicated Server
    • Counter Strike Source
    • Gun Game Death Match
    • SourceMod 1.2.4
    • Server Address SrcDS.LumiStance.com
    If you want to know if it is compatible with your server, feel free to try it out.


    The two ini files below are configured for models from TechKnow's model site. See http://techknowmodels.19.forumer.com/index.php Unless you have these 4 models on your server, you MUST modify these file for the plugin to function.
    1. Have model files in place on server
    2. If applicable, have bz2 copies in place on fast url server
    3. Configure both ini files to specify which models per team
    4. Have ini and smx files in correct location on server
    5. Load the plugin (i.e. sm plugins refresh)
    6. List models found with sm_skinapp list
    7. Change the map for new models to take effect
    The plugin will wait for a map change if it is loaded in the middle of a round.
    This ensures that clients download the files required to render the models.
    Make sure you copy the files to you fastdownload web server and all filenames are correct.

    If you see big red ERRORS
    This means that the client can't find the model files specified.
    Check for typo's. Make sure client is able download missing files.
    Check your fast url server's logs.
    The model files should end up under this folder on the client:
    [Program Files]\Steam\SteamApps\[SteamUserName]\counter-strike source\cstrike
    Based upon TechKnow's masterchief Theme model changer plugin
    sm_masterchief based partially on Preds Menu
    Posted 2008 - 09/19

    Meng maintains a Fork of TechKnow's plugin for applying custom skins to certain players (admins/bot/all)
    Posted 2009 - 07/24

    Uses SetEntityModel instead of SDK Calls, removing need for a custom gamedata file.
    Thanks DJ Tsunami for suggetion
    Posted 2008 - 09/26

    sm_skinapp - Lists available commands and plugin status
    sm_skinapp 0 - Disable plugin and reset player models to game default now
    sm_skinapp 1 - Enable plugin; Changes models now if not waiting for map change
    sm_skinapp list - Lists models found in ini files

    1.0.5 - 2009 - 12/06
    Replaced SDK Calls with SetEntityModel
    Removed CVAR's
    Added code to match /\*\.mdl$/ in ini files
    Replaced code to strip trailing newline in ini file with TrimString
    Added code to support multiple models per team
    Added code to prevent model change without client download files
    Added reporting and minor error handling
    Added code to list models found

    1.0 - 2008 - 09/19
    TechKnow's original sm_masterchief.sp
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (sm_skinapp.sp - 7483 views - 8.0 KB)
    File Type: ini models_ct.ini (1.8 KB, 4330 views)
    File Type: ini models_t.ini (1.2 KB, 3599 views)

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