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Thanks in advance.
VOTEMODE_FAIL_WAITTIME = You have to wait approximately^3 %i more minutes^1 before you can ^4/votemode
VOTEMODE_FAIL_ALREADY = You have already asked for^3 mode voting.
VOTEMODE_FAIL_INPROGRESS = Vote is^3 already in progress.
VOTEMODE_SUCCESS = You asked for^3 mode voting
VOTEMODE_NEED_MORE = ^4%i^3 more players need to ^1/votemode to start the vote.
PLAYER_CHOICE = You have chosen ^4%s
PLAYER_CHOICE_ALL = ^3%s^1 has chosen ^4%s
VOTEMODE_TIMELEFT = Seconds remaining
VOTEMODE_ENDED = The vote has ended
VOTEMENU_TITLE_1 = Select A Mode
VOTEMENU_TITLE_2 = Voting Result
VOTEMODE_STARTIN_1 = A Vote will occur to choose the next mode in %d seconds
VOTEMODE_STARTIN_2 = A Vote will occur to choose the^4 next mode^1 in^4 %d seconds
VOTEMODE_COUNTDOWN =  The next mode voting will begin in %i
VOTEMODE_RESULT = Due to the result of the vote
VOTEMODE_WINNER = The next mode was chosen to be ^4%s
VOTEMODE_EXTEND = The mode will continue to be the current one.
VOTEMODE_TIED_1 = Another vote is required due to a tie.
VOTEMODE_TIED_2 = ^4%i choices^1 were tied for first.^3 Two of them were randomly selected for the vote.
VOTEMODE_RESULT_TIED = Due to a second tie, the next mode was randomly chosen to be ^4%s
MODE_CHANGED_1 = Mode has been changed to %s
MODE_CHANGED_2 = Mode has been changed to ^4%s
MODE_VOTING_FAILED = The voting failed because there was no votes.
CMD_NO_ACC = You have no access to that command.
STARTVOTE_FAIL_INPROGRESS = Vote is^3 already in progress.
ADMIN_STARTVOTE_1 = ADMIN: start mode voting
ADMIN_STARTVOTE_2 = ADMIN %s: start mode voting
CHANGEMODE_FAIL = This mode is already being played.
CHANGEMODE_ENDVOTING = Mode voting has been canceled.
ADMIN_CHANGEMODE_1 = ADMIN: change mode to %s
ADMIN_CHANGEMODE_2 = ADMIN %s: change mode to %s
VOTEMODE_FAIL_DELAY = You must wait %s before you can ^4/votemode
MINUTES = minutes
SECONDS = seconds

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