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statscfg translation update wanted (all languages)

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Old 08-19-2014 , 03:52   statscfg translation update wanted (all languages)
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I've noticed that a lot of the languages do not have strings translated, and some translated ones are quite poor.

Here's the full file, find your language there: https://github.com/alliedmodders/amx...g/statscfg.txt

NO_OPTION = Couldn't find option(s) with such variable (name "%s")
STATS_CONF_SAVED = Stats configuration saved successfully
STATS_CONF_FAILED = Failed to save stats configuration!!!
STATS_CONF_LOADED = Stats configuration loaded successfully
STATS_CONF_FAIL_LOAD = Failed to load stats configuration!!!
STATS_CONF = Stats Configuration
STATS_ENTRIES_OF = Entries %i - %i of %i
STATS_USE_MORE = Use 'amx_statscfg list %i' for more
STATS_USE_BEGIN = Use 'amx_statscfg list 1' for begin
STATS_ENABLED = Stats enabled
STATS_DISABLED = Stats disabled
CANT_ADD_STATS = Can't add stats to the list, limit reached!
COM_STATS_USAGE = Usage: amx_statscfg <command> [parameters] ...
COM_STATS_COM = Commands:
COM_STATS_ON = ^ton <variable> - enable specified option
COM_STATS_OFF = ^toff <variable> - disable specified option
COM_STATS_SAVE = ^tsave - save stats configuration
COM_STATS_LOAD = ^tload - load stats configuration
COM_STATS_LIST = ^tlist [id] - list stats status
COM_STATS_ADD = ^tadd <name> <variable> - add stats to the list
NO_STATS = Stats plugins are not^ninstalled on this server^n
SAVE_CONF = Save configuration
ST_BOMB_PLANTING = Bomb Planting
ST_BOMB_DEFUSING = Bomb Defusing
ST_BOMB_PLANTED = Bomb Planted
ST_BOMB_DEF_SUCC = Bomb Defuse Succ.
ST_BOMB_DEF_FAIL = Bomb Def. Failure
ST_BOMB_DROP = Bomb Drop
ST_BOMB_CD_VOICE = Bomb Countdown Voice
ST_BOMB_CD_DEF = Bomb Countdown (defuser)
ST_BOMB_SITE = Bomb Site Reached
ST_ITALY_BONUS = Italy Bonus Kill
ST_LAST_MAN = Last Man
ST_KNIFE_KILL = Knife Kill
ST_KNIFE_KILL_SOUND = Knife Kill Sound
ST_HE_KILL = Grenade Kill
ST_HE_SUICIDE = Grenade Suicide
ST_HS_KILL = HeadShot Kill
ST_HS_KILL_SOUND = HeadShot Kill Sound
ST_ROUND_CNT = Round Counter
ST_ROUND_CNT_SOUND = Round Counter Sound
ST_KILL_STR = Killing Streak
ST_KILL_STR_SOUND = Killing Streak Sound
ST_ENEMY_REM = Enemy Remaining
ST_DOUBLE_KILL = Double Kill
ST_DOUBLE_KILL_SOUND = Double Kill Sound
ST_PLAYER_NAME = Player Name
ST_FIRST_BLOOD_SOUND = First Blood Sound
ST_SHOW_ATTACKERS = Show Attackers
ST_SHOW_VICTIMS = Show Victims
ST_SHOW_KILLER = Show Killer
ST_SHOW_TEAM_SCORE = Show Team Score
ST_SHOW_TOTAL_STATS = Show Total Stats
ST_SHOW_BEST_SCORE = Show Best Score
ST_SHOW_MOST_DISRUPTIVE = Show Most Disruptive
ST_SHOW_HUD_STATS_DEF = Show HUD-stats default
ST_SHOW_DIST_HS_HUD = Dist&HS in HUD lists
ST_STATS_PLAYER_MAP_END = Stats at the end of map
ST_STATS_TOP15_MAP_END = Top15 at the end of map
ST_SAY_HP = Say /hp
ST_SAY_STATSME = Say /statsme
ST_SAY_RANKSTATS = Say /rankstats
ST_SAY_ME = Say /me
ST_SAY_RANK = Say /rank
ST_SAY_REPORT = Say /report
ST_SAY_SCORE = Say /score
ST_SAY_TOP15 = Say /top15
ST_SAY_STATS = Say /stats
ST_SPEC_RANK = Spec. Rank Info
ST_BOMB_PLANTED_SOUND = Bomb Planted Sound
ST_BOMB_DEF_SUCC_SOUND = Bomb Defuse Succ. Sound
ST_BOMB_DEF_FAIL_SOUND = Bomb Def. Failure Sound
ST_BOMB_CD_HUD = Bomb Countdown Hud
ST_LAST_MAN_SOUND = Last Man Sound
ST_HE_KILL_SOUND = Grenade Kill Sound
ST_HE_SUICIDE_SOUND = Grenade Suicide Sound
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