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[TF2] Racing + Mario Kart Mods

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Team Fortress 2
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    Allows players to race against each other with various powerups
    Old 01-16-2016 , 00:01   [TF2] Racing + Mario Kart Mods
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    This is a plugin created for the Fire Friendly community. It was created around the month karts were released. I will not maintain or improve it to any great extent. It is released "as is" in the hope that it will be useful or enjoyed by the community.

    It should be mostly functional. With some small edits it could be made fully functional, by teleporting sprites/models to player locations ongameframe. Someone will need to implement this. Attachments of models to player models are not supported directly.
    To allow for 1.7+ compatability, I have renamed some variables (this -> this_) as well as (object -> this_object). Should you find any wierd errors or problems, it could be this, though I doubt it.

    The plugin requires special maps with specific entities to allow for race functions (position tracking, special power-ups, multiple tracks, etc).

    tfk_mario_raceway4 is provided, the VMF is also available.

    race.sp -> core race manager, which provides some basic functions such as tracking players, laps, and circuits. There are many natives and forwards to allow for integration with other race plugins.
    - not working: sprite to display rank above player's head

    mario.sp -> mario kart themed game mode, with powerups and abilities. Many of these assets are packed into the custom map.
    - not working: orbit items that attach and orbit the player

    race_config.sp -> allows music, commands, and settings to be changed per map and per track.

    Map, sounds, etc here:
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    Add me on steam if you are seeking sp/map/model commissions.

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    Old 01-16-2016 , 00:36   Re: [TF2] Racing + Mario Kart Mods
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    Old 01-24-2016 , 00:43   Re: [TF2] Racing + Mario Kart Mods
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    thank you so much I'll try right now
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    Old 06-12-2016 , 23:11   Re: [TF2] Racing + Mario Kart Mods
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    OnGameFrame IS a solution, but depending on player/entity speed it will look janky as shit(I had to do this for Monoculus in order to play animations, and it's not quite right looking when he flies at max speed)
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    Old 09-03-2016 , 11:22   Re: [TF2] Racing + Mario Kart Mods
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    Hello im new to these plugins and i havent made a single one. I hav a problem i think im doing something wrong because maybe i didnt place it right or im missing something. First of all i dont know where do i put the sound files and i dont know if its working or not
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