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Kreedz Map Downloader & KZ WR-BOT Plugins - LAST UPDATED 25.05.2020

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Old 02-25-2020 , 11:10   Kreedz Map Downloader & KZ WR-BOT Plugins - LAST UPDATED 25.05.2020
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Plugin for download maps (bonus new updated wr bots)

Plugin: KZ Map Downloader
Version: 1.2
Author: Destroman
(Special Thanks to ggv and Garey)

Plugin: KZ_WRBOT
Version: 1.2
Author: Destroman
edited (Special Thanks to Fuzzy1)

KZ Map Downloader


// kz_mapdl_override <0/1> 0 - keep files if exists, 1 - override all existing files
kz_mapdl_override "1"

// kz_mapdl_delete_source <0/1> 0 - save rar fiel, 1 - delete rar file
kz_mapdl_delete_source "1"

// File must exist !!! File for mapcycle or mapmanager *.ini. Append line with mapname
kz_mapdl_maps_file "addons/amxmodx/configs/mapdownloader/maps.ini"

//Chat & Console Prefix
kz_mapdl_chat_prefix "[KZ_MAPDL]"

Admin commands:
Just type in console: kzmapdl mapname - Main menu for download & install map on server's cstrike folder (flag ADMIN_MAP)


Usage command:
amx_wrbotmenu - in console
/bot - in chat

if you want add special plugins you must add demo on cstrike folder with prefix.
for example kz_Longjumps2_any.dem
If you want see detailed info from jump stats use uq_jumpstats 2.51
and add cvar kz_uq_bots "1"
type /botstats on chat.

You need flag u on addons/amxmodx/configs/users.ini for use this command
ADMIN_MENU - flag "u"

* v1.0 (25/02/2020):
- First public release
* v1.1 (09.03.2020):
- Using new modules:
AmxxArch v2.0 ( Garey) - AmxxArch
AmxxCurl v 1.0.4 ( Polarhigh) - Curl
- Supported formats: 7z, tar.bz2, tar. gz, rar, tar.lz4, tar. lzo ,tar. xz, zip
- Check Filetime of demos files.
- Fixed country flags - auto disable flags if listenserver
* v1.2 (31.03.2020):
- Update modules
- Fixed Godmode
- Fixed Crashes on changelevel
- Fixed Freezes on changemap (When Communities is not reachable)
- Changed cfg files and cvars
- Added Cvar kz_bot_kick 1(Kick the bot when server is full, default "1")
* v1.3 (03.04.2020):
- Added function Restart on Use
- Additional functions for listenserver load demos from cstrike folder
- Fixed jumpstats (updated uq_jumpstats) - only usp/knife demos show correct stats
If you have older versions of bot delete bots from addons/amxmodx/data/kz_wrbot
Compiled with 1.8.2 - if u use higher versions amxmodx compile with that version

KZ Map Downloader:



If have suggestions or problems please post it

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Old 08-24-2023 , 15:26   Re: Kreedz Map Downloader & KZ WR-BOT Plugins - LAST UPDATED 25.05.2020
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hello and how would it be for the wrbot, apart from the .rar file, to also do it with the .zip, both downloading and extracting it.
thank you
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