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[TF2] CP maps ending on map time end, not round time end

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Old 09-16-2019 , 07:11   [TF2] CP maps ending on map time end, not round time end
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I've looked around for this, and I'm not sure how to word it.

Payload works fine, but 5CP and A/D does not.

I've seen other threads with this issue, but no solution.

Issue: 5CP or A/D Map time limit hits 0, map changes mid round, instead of letting the round finish like it does on payload.

We use mp_match_end_at_timelimit 0.

Is there a known workaround for this?
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Old 09-16-2019 , 15:05   Re: [TF2] CP maps ending on map time end, not round time end
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5CP and CTF are intentionally designed to work this way, starting a Sudden Death round if the team scores are tied (and the server is configured to do Sudden Death).

A/D CP shouldn't be doing this, though... A/D CP is supposed to use the same rules as Payload, where the map doesn't change until the current round+ ends.

Does this happen on every A/D CP map, or just a specific one?

+For Payload and A/D CP, multi-stage maps consider a single round to be until BLU wins all stages or RED wins any stage. For PLR and TC, it considers a round to be completion of any stage regardless of whether the scores were adjusted.


Forgot to mention that you can use a plugin such as berni's Map configs with prefix support to use slightly different configs for different map types. Maybe make certain map types have a round limit rather than a time limit. If you do this, don't forgot to set mp_timelimit and mp_maxrounds in every configuration, even if you're setting one of them to 0.
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Old 10-14-2019 , 17:30   Re: [TF2] CP maps ending on map time end, not round time end
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Thanks for the clarification.

I have found a workaround for a possible plugin. I just need to make it.

The sudo code would be something like

If map is cp_ and time remaining is 1:00 ( set mp_timelimit "" and mp_maxrounds to total-rounds-played+1)
That way you switch to using the in game timer instead and will play until the timer you see on the HUD ends instead of the separate map timer.
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