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Quick signature scanning question

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Old 09-13-2020 , 18:57   Quick signature scanning question
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Hi, I have a concern rather for curiosity.

So I was having a signature scanning failure error for FireOutput for my SSDK2013 mod (on Windows) on startup, and tried few others from SM gamedata to check if they work like I managed already 1-2 years ago (reused from Synergy), but this time that didn't work.

I went to signscanning it myself for both that mod and default Valve's Source SDK 2013 server.dll, manually compiled, and I obtained the following working signature for [email protected]:

\x55\x8B\xEC\x81\xEC\x90\x03\x00\x00\xA1\x2A\ x2A\x2A\x2A\x33\xC5\x89\x45\xFC\x53\x56\x57\x 89\x4D\xF8\x8B\x45\xF8

All good then, but, I have the following inquiry. How comes I couldn't find this exact signature value of this function for any other mod in default SDKTools's gamedata files? I ask because I'm new at this and I believe that this function shouldn't change across mods unless editing the prototype. I already understand how the simpler method of scanning virtual functions is affected when virtual tables are altered.

I.e. what's the likely reason for all other mods having distinct values for this function's signature (for instance)? What factors does it depend on? Can just a whole SSDK2013 mod's codebase, with its unique structures and functionality, happen to alter the default signature even when not directly editing that function?


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Old 09-14-2020 , 03:51   Re: Quick signature scanning question
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Generally the cause of this is compiling with different compiler options or a different compiler version.
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Old 09-14-2020 , 07:04   Re: Quick signature scanning question
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Alright, mystery solved. That's what I ended up thinking, but didn't really know. For information, I had compiled in debug mode with VS2019 but using the correct vc120 platform toolset. Thank you.
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