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Reduce long query times for 100 game servers

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Old 09-13-2022 , 18:01   Reduce long query times for 100 game servers
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I recently exceeded an unmet feat. I have surpassed 100 game servers under management! Out of that, 99 of them are currently entered into sourcebans, and I'm about to enter the 100th, an L4D2 server in Chicago.

Every time I visit the install, it takes about 15 seconds for all of the servers to query, one by one, and report information. I would like to minimize this time, or have it do something else instead of query them one by one, since sometimes they hang and don't query at all (error) [but game server is running and stable]. I do not want to create separate sourceban installs. It's a cool idea and would require a bit of effort to input additional database information, make server ID changes and whatnot, to you know.. over 100 servers But I just don't want to do that. Then, that's about 7 sourceban installs I am managing, too.

Is there some way out of the box that exists, where I can have these servers query differently? Perhaps per game, each in their own AJAX tab or something?

It's also noticeable when adding more game servers, because the servers are still trying to query in the background, while I'm trying to add another one. It takes time to process.

Lastly, when adding a ban, the full list of serversin the small dialog that pops up, causes the "Ok" button to disappear. You can move the small dialog around in the browser window, but you can't actually access the button. There is no way to close the dialog without opening a new tab or navigating away from the page, without being able to see the lower portion of the dialog.

Any advice? I did some searching but it seems nothing is immediately apparent, and this was the only forum I could find for sourcebans++. I don't use Discord actively, I'm more of a TS3 guy.

Edit: Also, any way to reorder servers without adjusting MySQL table manually?

Thanks in advance.

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