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No More War plugin / GeoIP

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    Displays anti-war messages in srcds
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    See post in thread
    Old 03-05-2022 , 02:04   No More War plugin / GeoIP


    Some server operators were talking about raising more awareness of the war in Ukraine to Russian players and to show solidarity to the people of Ukraine.

    This plugin was written with that goal in mind. It may seem contentious to take such a rigid stance - perhaps server operators will display information in another manner to encourage greater discussion with the Russian people who must deal with their internal legal and constitutional issues that have brought this war to being.

    The plugin will use a GeoIP database and if a connecting player is seen as being from Russia:

    * Blacks out their hud.
    * Disables all commands, mutes/gags voice and chatting.
    * Displays alternate messages in English, Russian and Ukranian.
    * Ban the player after 30 seconds.

    You must have up to date GeoIP data. Many servers are using out dated GeoIP data.

    Feel free to adapt and modify. Please leave the signed PGP message in tact if you do.

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    Old 03-05-2022 , 20:28   Re: No More War plugin / GeoIP

    After a lot of internal discussion, we've decided AM isn't a place for plugins like this - informational messaging would be fine (albeit better suited to one of the many existing "Advertisements" plugins), but this plugin's behaviour is hostile to connecting players (and as you say, GeoIP isn't super accurate, and the bans are persistent after the plugin is removed).

    I've taken the somewhat controversial decision to lock and delete the replies here, as we were getting some rather heated replies and I'd rather not see bans - be excellent to each other, and try and have fun playing games.
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