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Questions about creating skins for CSS

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Old 06-14-2021 , 02:47   Questions about creating skins for CSS
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(I used google translate. I apologize for my poor English and What I have written is not enough, and there will be a lot of content that will come up by searching.)

I recently started making my first skins using Blender.

I've searched for a few questions, but there are many that don't come up. (I may not be very good at choosing search keywords.)

I don't know where to post the question, so I'm posting it here.


This screenshot is the skin I want to make similar.
This skin is smaller than the normal player skin. (Probably short bones.)

1. What's wrong with this skin?

While looking for how to make a skin, I found this video and post.


This video looks like Garry's mod skin, but it helped a lot.


This post was also helpful, but there was something I didn't understand.

Anyway, I made the skin by reflecting what I learned from the video and the post, various search results, and the external characteristics of the skin (short bones) that look small, and the result is as the following screenshot.


At first I thought rigging was the only problem.
If you look closely, no reduced bones were applied.


The following screenshot is a skin rigged in Blender, compared to Blender, the skin's body is forcibly stretched.

The rigging problem I think is the wrong angle of the bones in the problem area. I also think it was caused by the weight painting not being done properly.

However, I don't think adjusting the bones in blender is the correct way because the length of the bones will be stretched inside the hlmv.

I wonder how to make the bones shorter even in-game.

2. Which bones should be rigged to which parts?

I'm not sure exactly where to rig the Knee, Pelvis, Spine, Clavicle, UpperArm, etc.

3. How do I create physic.smd?

I want to make a physic.smd without hair, but I don't know how.

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