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[ZP] Admin Zombie Models Expection

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Old 11-22-2009 , 06:55   [ZP] Admin Zombie Models Expection
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Hi, I have one question - it is possible to make admin zombie models work for all classes, expect for one that i want to keep old model?
Also, if someone can give me the code, i would be very grateful.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Old 11-24-2009 , 12:50   Re: [ZP] Admin Zombie Models Expection
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Firstly, download the model and place it in 'cstrike/models/player/name/name.mdl' and change 'name' to whatever you want, for instance Admin.

Open up your 'cstrike/addons/amxmodmx/configs/zombieplague.ini' file and go to the '[Player Models]' section, PS: This and the zombieplague.cfg are your main files for ZP cvars and adjustments, extra's go in zp_extraitems.ini and classes in zp_zombieclasses.ini.

Once you're at [Player Models] which is near the top there will be a list of things such as:
[Player Models] (randomly chosen if more than one)
HUMAN = umbrella_human_two
NEMESIS = nemesis
SURVIVOR = survivor
ADMIN ZOMBIE = zombie_guerilla
ADMIN HUMAN = robocop
If you'd like to globally edit the admin model to make it be the same for ALL classes change ADMIN ZOMBIE to the name of your model, e.g. ADMIN ZOMBIE = admin_zombie.

As you can see you can also edit Survivor, Nemesis, Human and Admin Human models.

To edit classes to have specific models go to your zp_zombieclasses.ini and find the line saying 'MODELS = zombie_source'.

Change the zombie_source to the specified file you want.

Note: Character models MUST be in the player folder and NOT in the zombie_plague folder in models unless specified.

Hope this helps, yours sincerely

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Old 11-25-2009 , 10:22   Re: [ZP] Admin Zombie Models Expection
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Well, it's quite not that I've asked, but thanks anyway Bandai.
Maybe screenie will help: [IMG]http://img691.**************/img691/9357/dedust20024.th.jpg[/IMG]

As seen above, HeadCrab is the only class there.
And, I want to use admin zombie model (alien) to all zombie classes, but not headcrab

Is that possible?

Headcrab code:

#include <amxmodx>
#include <fun>
#include <zombieplague>

// Zombie Attributes
new const zclass_name[] = { "HeadCrab" } // name
new const zclass_info[] = { "Maly i szybki" } // description
new const zclass_model[] = {"headcrab"} // model
new const zclass_clawmodel[] = {"v_headcrab.mdl"} // claw model
const zclass_health = 500 // health
const zclass_speed = 270 // speed
const Float:zclass_gravity = 0.5 // gravity
const Float:zclass_knockback = 1.0 // knockback

// Class IDs
new g_fajnykrab

public plugin_precache()
    g_fajnykrab = zp_register_zombie_class(zclass_name, zclass_info, zclass_model, zclass_clawmodel, zclass_health, zclass_speed, zclass_gravity, zclass_knockback)

public plugin_init()
    register_plugin("[ZP] HeadCrab Zombie Class", "0.1", "Dimni dla cs-proplayers.pl")

public fwd_PlayerSpawned(id) 
	if ( !is_user_alive(id) )
	set_user_hitzones(0, id, 255)

public zp_user_infected_post(id, infector)
	//Check if the infected player is using our custom zombie class
	if (zp_get_user_zombie_class(id) == g_fajnykrab && !zp_get_user_nemesis(id) && !zp_get_user_survivor(id) )
	set_user_hitzones(0, id, 192) 
	set_user_hitzones (0, id, 255)
Thanks for any ideas.
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