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Addons Zombie Outstanding By The Striker

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The Striker
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Old 05-04-2018 , 18:26   Addons Zombie Outstanding By The Striker
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I want to share my zombie outstanding addons with us because its unique addons that are not free on the net and there are not to much servers running with zombie outstanding mod, the addons are working perfectly without any bugs !!


The Striker


ZombieOutstanding.amxx = Base Plugin For The Mod
ZMOUT.amxx = Giving Players Free Unlimited Clips
TheTimeZMo.amxx = Available type thetime for checking the time
OutStandingVIP_Rango.amxx = Vip features (unlimited clips/double jump/300 hp...)
cutit.amxx = A fix for zombie knife
cutit2.amxx = A fix for zombie knife
cutit3.amxx = A fix for zombie knife
unlink.amxx = A fix for zombie base plugin
FixGmAuCon.amxx = Fix a command that can crash server
MapEndManager.amxx = Manage the map changing
SQLite.amxx = Secondary base plugin (pass points, amx_who for check the admins online...)
hp_vi.amxx = The spec bots and advertisments

Zombie Classes:




Predator Blue




VIP Features:

300 Health Every Round

+50 Armor Every Round

Double Jump

Unlimited Clips

Detected Hidden (That you can see humans or zombie through the wall)

How To Change The Pass Points:

Open SQLite.sma files in addons/amxmodx/scripting

Change the pass on this line

#define PAROLA_DE_SETAT_PUNCTE "Pass" // with this password you will acces the next commands:

change it to any pass you want

Example: #define PAROLA_DE_SETAT_PUNCTE "striker" // with this password you will acces the next commands:

next save the file and open compile.exe and when the file compiled press ENTER, than delete the old sqlite.amxx & add the new with new pass

restart the server and done the pass are changed

for give yourself points go to the server and type amx_points "name" "number of points" "pass"

next retry for get the points


Delete your old cstrike folder and add the cstrike folder of zombie outstanding than restart the server and done

Addons Pictures:




Link For Download:



For give your self admin open the Admins.ini file in cstrike folder

For give your self vip open the vips.ini file in addons/amxmodx/configs

For change the advertisments open z_out_hud_advertisments and z_out_advertisments on addons/amxmodx/configs

If you have any problem contact me on my facebook Here

You can test the addons on this ip

Enjoy !!
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