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Cannot setup TCP socket on (My IP) - causes map, player, and menu issues?

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Old 11-30-2023 , 03:27   Cannot setup TCP socket on (My IP) - causes map, player, and menu issues?
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I installed hlstatsx on for my day of defeat 1.3 and tf2 servers flawlessly, but there seems to be some trouble using in-game commands in my 1.3 server. For starters the only command that works is hlx_menu but you can't select any of the menus, nothing happens when you press "1" for example. Another thing that's odd is the player count is 16/0 because I have 16 connected bots. I have no clue how to get it to correctly register my real player count: 16/32. One last issue I have is some maps don't register and show up as (unaccounted). Is there a map list where I can add all the extra maps hlstats doesn't know about?

In my hlstats.pl console I see one error regarding my 1.3 server:

2023-11-29 21:36:10: - SERVER: Connecting to rcon on ... ok
2023-11-29 21:36:10: - TRCON: Cannot setup TCP socket on No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
In my firewall I made outbound and inbound rules to open all connections on port 27017, so I'm sure it's not a firewall issue. I have no clue how to fix the TRCON error or if that is what's causing the 3 aforementioned issues.

Does anyone have experience with these issues? As I previously said, my TF2 installation works fine.

Of course if any additional information is needed I would be more than willing to provide that.


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