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[ANY] Jailbreak Markers (1.0)

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    Marker setup for Jailbreak servers.
    Old 12-22-2017 , 06:56   [ANY] Jailbreak Markers (1.0)
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    (I have no idea what this is, but it has been requested by someone in the SourceMod Discord channel.)

    !marker - opens the marker menu.
    +marker - equivalent for "draw marker".

    Markers can be only placed by team 3 (CT in CS:S/CS:GO, Blue in TF2) players or admins.
    The color can be customized and the default setup contains: white, pink, orange, yellow, lime and light blue.
    When the marker is hidden, it is only visible to the player who marked it.
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    Old 12-22-2017 , 11:36   Re: [ANY] Jailbreak Markers (1.0)
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    You should make it so that the +/-marker command contains the color. That way people can bind x "+marker yellow" and bind z "+marker blue".
    Furthermore, the markers should only be placed by the warden. Use the jailbreak include files to get the warden for tf2/cs:go.
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    Old 12-22-2017 , 11:53   Re: [ANY] Jailbreak Markers (1.0)
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    I think, you should add example marker screenshot.

    Also, cool release!
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    Old 04-14-2022 , 06:29   Re: [ANY] Jailbreak Markers (1.0)
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    The color of the mark seems very light, can it be brighter?
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    Old 04-15-2022 , 06:53   Re: [ANY] Jailbreak Markers (1.0)
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    The point of a marker is either:

    1. A spot where the prisoners ( T ) must move towards.

    2. A spot where the prisoners ( T ) must remain inside.
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