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Blockmaker Hud Message

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Old 11-19-2009 , 10:43   Blockmaker Hud Message
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i have a blockmaker with deagle and awp blocks, but when i pick a deagle is the hud message flashes for one milliseconds
i want to change it so 1-2secs

actionDeagle(id, OverrideTimer)
//get game time
new Float:fTime = halflife_time();

//make sure player is alive
if (fTime >= gfDeagleNextUse[id] || OverrideTimer)
if ( get_user_team ( id ) == 1 )
cs_set_weapon_ammo(give_item(id, "weapon_deagle"), 1);

//set the time when the player can use the nuke again (someone might have been invincible)
gfDeagleNextUse[id] = fTime + get_cvar_float("bm_deaglecooldown");

//setup hud message to show who nuked what team
set_hudmessage(255, 255, 0, -1.0, 0.35, 0, 6.0, 10.0, 1.0, 1.0);

//Show Message
new szPlayerName[32];
get_user_name(id, szPlayerName, 32);

if ( get_user_team ( id ) == 1 )
show_hudmessage(0, "Oh My God, All CT's Run %s Got the Deagle!", szPlayerName);
set_hudmessage(gHudRed, gHudGreen, gHudBlue, gfTextX, gfTextY, gHudEffects, gfHudFxTime, gfHudHoldTime, gfHudFadeInTime, gfHudFadeOutTime, gHudChannel);
show_hudmessage(id, "DEAGLE NEXT USE AFTER 1 ROUND", gfDeagleNextUse[id] - fTime);
Need help to fix it

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Join Date: Oct 2008
Old 11-19-2009 , 15:40   Re: Blockmaker Hud Message
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fixxed i delete the automessage from amxmodxmenu
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