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TFDodgeball cause server CRASH

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Old 09-02-2015 , 06:47   TFDodgeball cause server CRASH
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Hey, Today i wanted to try this plugin .. i was using redux dodgeball it worked fine i just didnt like the rocket bounce and some other stuff..
so i decided to use this plugin .. i done everything .. when i try to join server with nano bot .. after the "waiting for players " countdown ends , server instantly crashed .. i even tried to remove nano bot and play with normal players .. same problem ... to ensure that this plugin is the problem i get back to use redux dodgeball and it worked fine ...

sm plugins list
[SM] Listing 24 plugins:
01 "Admin File Reader" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
02 "Admin Help" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
03 "Admin Menu" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
04 "Anti-Flood" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
05 "Basic Ban Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
06 "Basic Chat" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
07 "Basic Comm Control" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
08 "Basic Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
09 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
10 "Basic Votes" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
11 "Class Enforcer" (0.2.1) by linux_lover
12 "Client Preferences" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
13 "Fun Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
14 "Fun Votes" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
15 "Godmode with Effects!" (1.0) by Twin_Future
16 "Nanobot (Dodgeball Bot)" (1.3.1) by Nanochip
17 "Player Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
18 "Reserved Slots" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
19 "TF2: Roll the Dice" ( by linux_lover ([email protected])
20 "Sound Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
21 "[TF2] TF2Attributes" (1.2.1) by FlaminSarge
22 "[TF2Items] Manager" (1.4.1) by Damizean & Asherkin
23 "TFDodgeball" (1.4.0) by Asherkin
24 "[TF2] Thirdperson" (2.1.0) by DarthNinja

meta list

[01] SourceMod (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
[02] TF2Items (1.6.0) by Asherkin & AzuiSleet & Damizean
[03] TF2 Tools (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
[04] SDK Hooks (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
[05] SDK Tools (1.7.3-dev+5233) by AlliedModders LLC
[06] TFDodgeball (1.5.0) by Asherkin (based on work by pRED*)

srcd.exe has stopped working

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: srcds.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 55d294fa
Fault Module Name: dbi.sqlite.ext.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 55d3bbce
Exception Code: 40000015
Exception Offset: 0006e5ef
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
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Potato Uno
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Old 09-03-2015 , 11:36   Re: TFDodgeball cause server CRASH
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Try updating TF2Items?
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Old 10-16-2015 , 18:55   Re: TFDodgeball cause server CRASH
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Originally Posted by Potato Uno View Post
Try updating TF2Items?
That's not it, the plugin has been broken for almost 2 years and he has no intention of fixing it
Requests closed

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