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VSH [Plugin] Lives

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VSH Subplugin: Lives

This plugin allows players to respawn during VSH rounds if they have lives remaining. An alternative to using something like ReviveMarkers.

(Found in cfg/sourcemod/vsh-lives.cfg)
PHP Code:
vsh_lives_version "Plugin version. Don't touch this."
vsh_lives_enabled"1.0""Enables/Disables the plugin."
vsh_lives_base"0.0""Sets base number of extra lives per round."
vsh_lives_damage"2048.0"">0 to enable gaining 1 extra life per this much damage."
vsh_lives_max"1.0""Maximum number of extra lives you can gain per round."
vsh_lives_respawn_delay"5.0""Sets the delay (in seconds) between dying and respawning."
vsh_lives_respawn_block"1.0""Blocks players from spawning if they have no lives left. (Fixes latespawns, but probably breaks other plugins that respawn players)"
vsh_lives_respawn_lastman"1.0""Whether the LastManStanding should respawn instantly if he has lives left." 
sm_hale_lives - Display your remaining lives and how many lives you can gain this round.
sm_lives - As above.
Installation is literally drag + drop into sourcemod/plugins folder, then edit the auto-generated config to your liking.
Only dependency is Vs. Saxton Hale, obviously.

Compiled using SM1.8.

This is actually part of a larger "[VSH] Enhancements" thing I started, but I don't know if I'll ever get around to completing all the 'modules'.
Probably not going to make a version for FF2, it'd probably break with a lot of rage abilities.



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