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Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)

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Old 10-04-2013 , 17:01   Re: Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)
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I wanna setup a vote to spawn a dodgeball bot but i need to know how to make it so it forces everyone but the bot on one team. Anyone who can help? Also, is there any way to make the custom vote a command like "!dodgebot" or whatever so anyone can type it and start a vote.

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Viggi Bear
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Old 10-05-2013 , 00:29   Re: Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)
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Hi, could someone guide me where I'm going wrong. I'm trying to create a menu for players to vote for the right cfg file. This is my code, but in game, it asks me, vote for #1 as the CFG and in console, it says exec "1", 1 not found, not executing. Here is my config.

		"title" 	"Choose #1 Config?"
		"type"		"confirm"
		"command"	"exec #1"
			"command" 	"voteconfig"
			"notice"	"#1 has been voted as the CFG"
			"percent"	"10"
			"type"	"list"
			"title"	"Choose the right config"
			"server.cfg"				"Standard Server Setup"
			"ugc_HL_base.cfg"			"UGC Highlander Base"
			"ugc_HL_ctf.cfg"			"UGC Highlander Ctf"
			"ugc_HL_custom.cfg"			"UGC Highlander Custom"
			"ugc_HL_koth.cfg"			"UGC Highlander Koth"
			"ugc_HL_standard.cfg"		"UGC Highlander Standard"
			"ugc_HL_stopwatch.cfg"		"UGC Highlander Stopwatch"
			"ugc_HL_tugofwar.cfg"		"UGC Highlander Tug-of-War"
			"ugc_off.cfg"				"UGC Highlander Off"
			"ugc_6v_base.cfg"			"UGC 6v6 Base"
			"ugc_6v_ctf.cfg"			"UGC 6v6 Ctf"
			"ugc_6v_custom.cfg"			"UGC 6v6 Custom"
			"ugc_6v_golden.cfg"			"UGC 6v6 Golden"
			"ugc_6v_koth.cfg"			"UGC 6v6 Koth"
			"ugc_6v_standard.cfg"		"UGC 6v6 Standard"
			"ugc_6v_stopwatch.cfg"		"UGC 6v6 Stopwatch"
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Old 10-31-2013 , 21:09   Re: Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)
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Any Chance someone could revive this plugin?

I like the player votes plugin (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=217619) but it doesn't allow for custom votes, relies on chat commands instead of being able to trigger a general vote and is limited to votemute instead of the much more effective vote silence.

The one feature it does have that custom votes lacks is the ability to limit the vote within teams which obviously is much more useful in the case of votemute or votesilence.
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Old 12-20-2013 , 00:41   Re: Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)
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This plugin is obsolete. See:

Custom Votes Redux

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Old 06-24-2014 , 10:26   Re: Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)
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Originally Posted by ALKINDA View Post
would be great to have map specific votes. would enhance this plugin alot.
Took the words right out of my mouth
Totally agree!
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Old 06-25-2014 , 13:27   Re: Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)
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Do anyone know how to exclude spectators in a vote?
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Old 08-10-2014 , 08:39   Re: Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)
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How to make votes appear instantly at all player's game?
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Old 05-16-2016 , 13:49   Re: Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)
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awesome but can someone explain what to do if i want to have a voting to kick bots?

like rockthevote to change map

- a set percentage of player have to type in !bots or something like that
- after reaching the number vote will start by asking "kick the bots?"
- then u can confirm with yes/no
- and a set percentage of player is needed for yes to finally kick the bots

same for adding bots

can someone help or write this plugin?

i tried this but its not working

		"title"		"Kick all Bots?"
		"type"		"chat"
		"admin"		"sm_ban"
		"cmd"		"bot_kick"
		"execute" 	"server"
        		 "command"   "kickbots"
        		 "notice"    "%u voted to kick Bots"
        		 "percent"   "75"
         		 "count"     "2"

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Old 09-11-2016 , 11:43   Re: Custom Votes v0.5.6 (1/07)
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How to make that vote started with 4 and 5?
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