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[TF2] backpack.tf Price Check

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Dr. McKay
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General Purpose
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Team Fortress 2
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    Provides an in-game price check command that uses prices from backpack.tf
    Old 08-31-2012 , 23:24   [TF2] backpack.tf Price Check
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    [TF2] backpack.tf Price Check


    Downloads the latest price list from backpack.tf every hour and provides a !pc command that allows users to quickly look up the prices of items. The item name can be partial, for instance !pc napper's will present prices for Napper's Respite. Displays prices for all qualities, including unusual. !pc without any item name will present a list of all items.

    The price list is updated every hour automatically. When a price list update is loaded, a notification is displayed to all users, followed by a list of all prices that have changed in the past hour. Example:
    • Price list updated.
    • Type !pc for a price check.
    • Demoman's Fro: Up from 1.33-1.44 refined to 1.55-1.66 refined
    • Orbiting Fire Handyman's Handle: Down from 1.5 buds to 1.3-1.5 buds

    This plugin also provides !backpack and !bp commands that use backpack.tf. Set backpack_tf_bp_command to 0 if you have a separate backpack viewing plugin.

    Servers running this plugin will be listed at http://backpack.tf/servers

    sm_pc [item name] - price checks an item
    sm_pricecheck [item name] - same as above
    sm_bp [username] - opens a player's backpack (or displays a list of clients if no match is found)
    sm_backpack [username] - same as above
    sm_updateprices - forces the price list to update (updates every hour automatically)

    backpack_tf_version - plugin version
    backpack_tf_bp_command - enables the !bp command (defaults to 1)
    backpack_tf_display_update_notification - enables the HUD + sound update notification and price update ticker (defaults to 1)
    backpack_tf_display_changed_prices - if backpack_tf_display_update_notification is enabled, displays all prices that have changed since the last update as a ticker (defaults to 1)
    backpack_tf_update_notification_x_pos - X-position for HUD text (defaults to -1.0)
    backpack_tf_update_notification_y_pos - Y-position for HUD text (defaults to 0.1)
    backpack_tf_update_notification_red - Red value of HUD text (defaults to 0)
    backpack_tf_update_notification_green - Green value of HUD text (defaults to 255)
    backpack_tf_update_notification_blue - Blue value of HUD text (defaults to 0)
    backpack_tf_update_notification_message_time - Seconds to keep each HUD message on the screen (defaults to 5)
    backpack_tf_menu_open_time - Seconds to keep the price check menu open, 0 for forever (defaults to 0)
    backpack_tf_api_key - API key obtained from http://backpack.tf/api/register/
    backpack_tf_add_tag - Adds the "backpack.tf" tag to sv_tags, which is required for the server to be listed at http://backpack.tf/servers (defaults to 1)
    backpack_tf_auto_update - enables automatic updating of the plugin (has no effect if Updater is not installed) (defaults to 1)

    Plugin generates and loads cfg/sourcemod/plugin.backpack-tf.cfg.

    Requires the SteamTools extension.

    Install SteamTools, extract backpack-tf.zip, upload its contents to your /addons/sourcemod directory, and reboot your server or type "sm plugins load backpack-tf" into your console or rcon. Once loaded, the plugin will generate a configuration file under cfg/sourcemod. Get a backpack.tf API key and fill it into the appropriate cvar in the configuration file, then reload it (sm plugins reload backpack-tf).

    Auto Update:
    Install Updater. The plugin will be autoupdated according to your Updater settings. It'll work without Updater.

    Changelog:[list][*]v2.11.0 (1/26/15)
    • Added Halloween 2014 taunt unusual effects
    • v2.10.0 (12/9/14)
      • Added EOTL unusual effects
    • v2.9.0 (11/24/14)
      • Added Halloween 2014 unusual effects
    • v2.8.0 (9/16/14)
      • Added new taunt effects
    • v2.7.0 (1/1/14)
      • Added support for Collector's
      • Added graceful MOTD failure messages
    • v2.6.0 (11/2/13)
      • Added support for Vintage Uncraftable
      • Added new Halloween Unusual effects
    • v2.5.0 (10/23/13)
      • Added Russian translation
    • v2.4.0 (9/23/13)
      • Added support for Strange Uncraftable
      • Added Spanish and German translations
    • v2.3.0 (7/21/13)
      • Added more verbose error logging
    • v2.2.0 (6/26/13)
      • Added new Unusual effects
    • v2.1.0 (5/19/13)
      • Added new robot Unusual effects
    • v2.0.0 (3/8/13)
      • Updated plugin to use v3 of the backpack.tf IGetPrices API
      • Plugin now requires a backpack.tf API key which can be obtained at http://backpack.tf/api/register/ and should be set in backpack_tf_api_key
      • Added backpack_tf_update_notification_red, backpack_tf_update_notification_green, and backpack_tf_update_notification_blue cvars to control HUD text color
      • Added backpack_tf_update_notification_message_time cvar to control HUD message duration
      • Added backpack_tf_add_tag cvar which allows you to disable automatic sv_tags appending
      • Plugin now generates a config file under cfg/sourcemod/plugin.backpack-tf.cfg
      • Added translation file under sourcemod/translations/backpack-tf.phrases.txt
      • Added price ranges
      • Improved HUD notifications
      • Removed dependency on doctormckay.com web server
      • Various other improvements
    • v1.7.0 (2/11/13)
      • Added backpack.tf tag to sv_tags
    • v1.6.0 (1/10/13)
      • Fixed some rounding inaccuracy
      • Items that have prices that are 1+ buds will now display their key prices in parenthesis
      • Keys no longer display their prices as '1.00 Keys'
      • Buds no longer display their prices as '1.00 Buds'
    • v1.5.0 (11/5/12)
      • Added new Halloween Unusual effects
      • Improved Updater integration
    • v1.4.0 (9/23/12)
      • Added backpack_tf_menu_open_time cvar
      • When multiple items are matched, a menu of results will now be presented
      • Changed update URL to SVN repository
    • v1.3.0 (9/11/12)
      • Added support for uncraftable prices
    • v1.2.0 (9/9/12)
      • Fixed the plugin not automatically updating prices
    • v1.1.0 (9/5/12)
      • Added backpack_tf_display_changed_prices cvar
      • Added backpack_tf_update_notification_x_pos and backpack_tf_update_notification_y_pos cvars
      • Fixed potential bug if SteamTools takes a while to load
    • v1.0.0 (8/31/12)
      • Initial release

    Download Plugin (backpack-tf.zip)

    .zip file includes compiled binary, source, and translations
    Translate this plugin

    Requires updater.inc, mckayupdater.sp, advanced_motd.inc, and steamtools.inc to compile.

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