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How many servers could I run?

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Old 11-23-2021 , 12:45   How many servers could I run?
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Currently I am running a single instance of HLDS on my dedicated machine which runs on my home network and I'd like to know how many more gameservers I could run effectively without bottleneck/issue with my current machine specs, HLDS settings and internet connection.

I'll attach a few photos so you guys can see how my single instance of HLDS is running on my machine;

dedicated server:

4 core/4 thread cpu @ 3.9GHz and Ubuntu server running at 1000hz

shell script for hlds_run:

HLDS running in realtime priority

server rates:

max rates and a 1000fps tickrate

home network connection:

less than ideal upload speed for a gameserver in general; but sufficient enough for HLDS?

monitoring the HLDS instance:

HLDS using 56.4% CPU on a single-core

more detailed monitoring:

Overall the entire system uses 10% CPU while the single instance of HLDS is running

ram usage of HLDS:

Close to 90MiB of RAM usage - it's irrelevant I included this since I have 16GiB of RAM lol

HLDS stats:

getting consistent 1000fps with 50% CPU usage on a single-core *server is empty*

So what do you guys think in terms of running more than one server? Thanks

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