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Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]

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    Awesome Mod Addition For HL2
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    Old 02-22-2011 , 22:49   Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]
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    Zombie Mod v1.0f by [GR]Nick_6893{A}

    First Zombie Mod ever released on sourcemod for HL2!!!!
    Thanks to Gameplay/Designing/Features all by Dazza098.

    3/4/11 - Stuff that has been fixed in 1.0f
    - Fixed Human Models Precaching
    - Instead of using the command say, I changed it to sm_switch.
    - Removed Ids 4-7 on ZombieModels.

    About this mod:

    This mod has two teams, Zombies and Humans. When you join the server, you will have a menu where you can pick a team (either Zombie or Human). The round will restart if the current round ended or no one is in the server. Here's how to win:

    If your on the Zombie Team:
    You have 3 minutes to kill all of the humans!

    If your on the Human Team:
    You need to stay alive and outlive the Zombies for 3 minutes.

    Features in the mod:

    - Zombies have 300 health, a crowbar, and walk at a slower speed. Zombies cannot pick up any weapons. As they get hurt, they will run faster. If they die the human will get plus 100 health and the Zombie will respawn.

    - Humans have 100 health, a crowbar and smg. If they die, they will go onto the Zombie team.

    Interactive huds:
    - On the top left of your screen, it'll show the score of the zombies and humans and also the amount of players on each team.
    - As a human dies, a funny sound will play and a hud will show as to who got infected.
    - An hud will be displayed at the end of the round and will also play a sound.

    Last Human Alive:
    - If 5+ people are in the server, the last person alive will go into a special mode where the time gets set back to 2 min, they get 500 health, and a cool sprite trail. A cool sound will also play "bring me more"

    Configuring the Game:

    ********You must have mp_teamplay SET to 0********

    Admins/Owners have to set up spawn points for the zombies/humans. This method is the same as the roleplay plugin. The spawn point will be created at your feet. You must do this for every map....you don't want people spawning in the same position!

    sm_createspawn <id> <1-Zombie 2-Human>
    sm_removespawn <id> <1-Zombie 2-Human>

    All information will be saved in keyvalues in the data/zombiemod/

    Extra Setups:

    Another database has been added which is called zombiedata.txt
    In this database, you can set up all your models you want for the zombies and humans.

    You can also set up sounds for when the zombie gets hurt, hurts someone, and you can also set up infected sounds, and who won.

    The models/sounds will be randomly generated as you spawn and start killing one another.

    If you use custom models/sounds, you are responible to have them downloadable. The plugin will do the precaching...


    Zombie Mod Maps:
    zm_lila_panic - Exactly like CSS!!!

    Last edited by psychonic; 07-22-2012 at 11:22.
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    Old 02-23-2011 , 17:11   Re: Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]
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    Hope you all enjoy me and nick worked very hard on this !!
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    Old 02-27-2011 , 04:34   Re: Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]
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    No posts on this yet, but I would like to say well done.
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    Old 02-27-2011 , 21:53   Re: Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]
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    You don't really need to declare all non-publics as stocks. Also, use client command for switch instead of say hook.

    Last edited by FaTony; 02-27-2011 at 21:56.
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    Old 03-03-2011 , 17:37   Re: Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]
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    Nice done nick, works exelent
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    Old 03-29-2011 , 10:20   Re: Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]
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    Very Very Nice

    Excellent Job Nick
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    Old 04-05-2011 , 19:33   Re: Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]
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    I need to see a Video
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    Old 04-09-2011 , 12:12   Re: Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]
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    Yes, my need to see the video.
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    Old 05-14-2011 , 03:05   Re: Zombie Mod For HL2 [v1.0]
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    The zombie models do not have animations at all. besides that, the plugin works well
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