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[CSGO] Request for a timer that counts down in milliseconds

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Old 06-23-2019 , 18:09   [CSGO] Request for a timer that counts down in milliseconds
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A request for a timer that can successfully count down from multiple times (in one menu display) ranging from 3.25 seconds to 13.43, and so on. The timers will begin automatically on map start and will be unaffected by any round, team-switch, etc.

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Old 06-24-2019 , 01:16   Re: [CSGO] Request for a timer that counts down in milliseconds
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Just a note, milliseconds has one more decimal (0.001). That said, you would have a much simpler request if you only needed 0.1 seconds accuracy, as the sourcemod timers cant do less than 0.1 seconds. Due to that, scripters would have to use other methods that are more frequent, such as OnGameFrame, or other super frequent callbacks that may not necessarily be constant between servers (though there may be ways that I am unaware of - someone else could clarify that). That said, if you truly only need 0.01, it would make you request easier and less CPU usage.

What do you need it to count down from? Total map time? How should the timer show on screen and does anything happen at the end of the timer?
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