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SM:RPG compile problem

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Old 05-24-2019 , 17:53   SM:RPG compile problem
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Hi, i have a problem with compile SM:RPG "upgrades" files.

# from smlib travis tests
SMPACKAGE=`lynx -dump "$SMURL" | egrep -o "$SMPATTERN" | tail -1`

# get sourcemod package and copy plugin code into scripting folder
if [ ! -d "build" ]; then
        mkdir build
        cd build
        wget $SMPACKAGE
        tar -xzf $(basename "$SMPACKAGE")
        rm addons/sourcemod/scripting/*.sp
        cp -R ../scripting/ addons/sourcemod/

        # get dependency libraries.
        git clone https://github.com/bcserv/smlib.git
        cp -R smlib/scripting/include/ addons/sourcemod/scripting/

        git clone https://github.com/Impact123/AutoExecConfig.git
        cp AutoExecConfig/autoexecconfig.inc addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/

        hg clone https://bitbucket.org/Drifter321/dhooks2
        cp dhooks2/sourcemod/scripting/include/dhooks.inc addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/

        git clone https://github.com/Drixevel/Chat-Processor.git
        cp Chat-Processor/scripting/include/chat-processor.inc addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/

        git clone https://bitbucket.org/minimoney1/simple-chat-processor.git
        cp simple-chat-processor/scripting/include/scp.inc addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/

        git clone https://github.com/KissLick/ColorVariables.git
        cp ColorVariables/addons/sourcemod/scripting/includes/colorvariables.inc addons/sourcemod/scripting/include/

        cd ..

# setup the auto version file to have the git revision in the version convar.
# get the correct revision count
# https://github.com/travis-ci/travis-ci/issues/3412
git fetch --unshallow
fatal: --unshallow on a complete repository does not make sense
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Old 05-24-2019 , 18:00   Re: SM:RPG compile problem
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You don't need to run `git fetch --unshallow`, that is specific to the shallow clone's travis does by default.
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