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TOG Admin Targeting

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    Adds @admins and @!admins targeting methods based on flag 'b'.
    Old 04-06-2019 , 22:47   TOG Admin Targeting
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    I'm slowly releasing (which takes a good bit of time) a bunch of my older/smaller plugins that have just been sitting around and others might want them. By now, some of these may have similar plugins released by others - I don't intend on checking. I think this one may have been a part of other plugins at some point, but this is available for those that want it stand-alone.

    TOG Admin Targeting

    Adds @admins and @!admins targeting methods based on flag 'b'.

    e.g. you can target sm_slap @admins to slap all admins, or sm_slap @!admins to slap all non-admins

    Download Package
    Source Code

    See Github repository for plugin details and instructions.
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