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SQL Insert error: no such table: results333 (Speedrun)

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Old 09-26-2018 , 12:17   SQL Insert error: no such table: results333 (Speedrun)
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Hello everyone,i have a problem and i need help.I have a speedrun plugin and had problem on mod.I worked on it a little and I encountered another problem.Speedrun mod linked with mysql.In this way, the time on the map is recorded in the database,anyway.There is a separate plugin for each fps segment(100-200-250-333-500-1000)
I installed phpmyadmin and i created database(drstats)

(sql.cfg here)
amx_sql_host    "" 
amx_sql_user    "root" 
amx_sql_pass    "" 
amx_sql_db        "amx" 
amx_sql_table    "admins" 
amx_sql_type    "mysql"

amx_drstats_host ""
amx_drstats_user "root"
amx_drstats_pass "root1234"
amx_drstats_db "drstats"
I am sure this information is correct.Time counter and dr_finish is running smoothly but time does not register in the database.Because hlds writes errors in console.
(SQL Insert error: no such table: results333) I know what that means,I created a table named results333 in drstats db.But I keep getting the same error,what may be this?

The database looks like this: http://i.hizliresim.com/WDjRM8.png
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Old 09-26-2018 , 12:49   Re: SQL Insert error: no such table: results333 (Speedrun)
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6 identical plugins for stat?
Try to use something new.
But it doesn't have any documentation about installation and I don't want to write this
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Old 09-26-2018 , 12:57   Re: SQL Insert error: no such table: results333 (Speedrun)
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Please, next time you post something keep with default font instead of this you did.
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