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TOGs Cvar Checker

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    Allows admins to check cvar settings for a player using either of two methods
    Old 05-17-2014 , 18:34   TOGs Cvar Checker
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    This plugin allows you to check cvar settings for a player using either of two methods (QueryClientConVar and GetClientInfo). It also has a command for checking a lot of typical rates settings for a given player.

    • Some cvars are protected by valve (e.g. "password") and cannot be retrieved.
    • Method 1 (QueryClientConVar, sm_checkcvar) is the best for most any CVar, and some (e.g. fps_max) can only be retrieved using method 1. If I remember correctly, there were a few CVars that method 2 (GetClientInfo, sm_checkinfo) worked better...
    • THIS ONLY LISTS THE VALUE THEY SET THE CVAR AS. If the server overrides it, that will not show. e.g. if the server enforces 66-tick, and they have cl_updaterate set to 101, it will return 101, although in reality the server is forcing them to 66.
    • Commands can be accessed by any player with the flags defined from CVar togcvar_accessflag.

    Admin Commands:
    sm_checkcvar <target> <cvar> - Check CVar value of a player.
    sm_checkinfo <target> <cvar> - Check replicated CVar info of a player.
    sm_cvarlist <target> - Check list of CVar values for a player.
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