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AdminListen 2.3x (Maxim)

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Server Management        Approver:   EKS (167)
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Old 04-22-2005 , 20:30   AdminListen 2.3x (Maxim)
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ported for the ppl that have a hard time going to page 4
This is a werkin version tested on my servers by me

// *******************************************************************************
// Admin Listen 2.3x, Also Copyright 2004, /dev/ urandom. No Warranties, 
// either expressed or implied.
// Props to Maxim for the remake of Luke Sankeys original plugin.
// Props to Luke Sankey for the original AdminMod plugin (SankListen).
// Inspired by PsychoListen by PsychoGuard
// Allows administrators (with flag "n") to see all team chats, and dead chats.
// Use amx_adminlisten_voice 0|1 to turn off and on the hearing of voicecomms

// In 2.0 the Chat Engine was totally rewritten from ground up,
// a different, more efficent method, was used to pick up say messages,
// also fewer calculations and variables in this version.
// 2.1 - VoiceComm rewrite, fixed a few typos in the comments.
// 2.2 - Updated for Condition Zero 1.2, Note that while I've attempted to keep
//       backwards compatability with other mods, I cannot vouch for it working
//       in other mods as I only have a CS:CZ server to test it in.
// 2.3 - Updated to work with Counter-Strike after steams update June 14, 2004.
// *******************************************************************************
Originally Posted by BigBaller
just add admin_voice_listen 1 in the amxx.cfg
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