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longjump problems?

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Old 03-26-2007 , 00:45   longjump problems?
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long jump isn't working?? anyone know why this is happeneing?

i got that lag thing figured out, many thanks to KWo

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Old 03-26-2007 , 05:05   Re: longjump problems?
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If You are using my beta of CSDM (2.1f/g) - go to Your csdm_misc.sma and find this function:
public DoMapStrips() {     if (!csdm_active())         return     client_print(0,print_chat,"CSDM - DEBUG DoMapStrips executed")     log_amx("CSDM - DEBUG DoMapStrips executed")     new mapname[24]     get_mapname(mapname, 23)     if ((g_MapStripFlags & MAPSTRIP_BOMB) && (containi(mapname, "de_") != -1))     {         RemoveEntityAll("func_bomb_target")         RemoveEntityAll("info_bomb_target")     }     if ((g_MapStripFlags & MAPSTRIP_VIP) && (containi(mapname, "as_") != -1))     {         RemoveEntityAll("func_vip_safetyzone")         RemoveEntityAll("info_vip_start")     }     if ((g_MapStripFlags & MAPSTRIP_HOSTAGE) && (containi(mapname, "cs_") != -1))     {         RemoveEntityAll("func_hostage_rescue")         RemoveEntityAll("info_hostage_rescue")     }     if (g_MapStripFlags & MAPSTRIP_BUY)     {         RemoveEntityAll("func_buyzone")         RemoveEntityAll("player_weaponstrip")         RemoveEntityAll("game_player_equip")         RemoveEntityAll("item_healthkit")         RemoveEntityAll("item_battery")         RemoveEntityAll("armoury_entity")         RemoveEntityAll("item_longjump")     } }
remove the line RemoveEntityAll("item_longjump") - save and compile the plugin. Then move csdm_misc.amxx from amxmodx/scripting/compiled to amxmodx/plugins. Restart Your server and it should work.
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Old 03-26-2007 , 22:22   Re: longjump problems?
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well i'm sry but i'm not using your version, i'm using the one that was released under the plugins section of the main page.

its not that i cant see/get the item, its that when i press duck+jump, nothing happens at all
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Old 06-25-2016 , 01:23   Re: longjump problems?
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Please Reply I can't use the Long Jump too, and it's the same problem When I press duck+Jump nothing happens...

and I think it is the problem with CS 1.6 Update... because they have removed Long Jump and the plugin using the default cs 1.6 Long JUMP...
as this PLUGIN says :[https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=108382]

BTW CSDM Version: (CSDM 2.1.3d KWo)

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