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How to modify CSGO weapon stats?

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Old 06-19-2020 , 18:52   How to modify CSGO weapon stats?
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Is there a method (probably some kind of SDK hook for changing entity information) to change CSGO weapon stats (like recoil values, damage, movement inaccuracy, etc)?
I've been looking all over the forums/google but haven't found much in the way of threads like that.
Most promising thing I could find was this plugin that changes weapon movement speed - but I don't know enough about sourcepawn to decipher the code and try to more generally apply it to other weapon stats.

edit: I've decided to move forward by editing items_game.txt, which was recommended against in other posts I've seen but it appears to be the only viable solution.

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Old 06-20-2020 , 03:53   Re: How to modify CSGO weapon stats?
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PHP Code:

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Old 06-20-2020 , 22:06   Re: How to modify CSGO weapon stats?
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Originally Posted by Kellan123 View Post
PHP Code:
So I would just do this on each weapon entity I give to a player?
SetEntProp(weapon, Prop_Send, PROPERTY, VAL)
Sounds good, where can I find a list of property names? I've been looking on the developers.valvesoftware wiki and googling but can't find anything relevant.
I also tried sm_dump_netprops but couldn't find relevant properties for anything but ammo reserves* (which don't even seem to work right but I'm probably just using them wrong).
*It's not that it _only_ dumps properties for ammo reserves, its that all the properties are things like
which are not really relevant.

I've found that the Source SDK uses some kind of weapon script file to set weapon data in source games, and it appears there's a weapon balance mod that uses this script type to modify weapon properties - looks really clean and promising but I haven't found a way to implement something like in an sm plugin (and I actually can't tell how this person's mod is implemented at all from the source repo which I gather is just a reupload of someone else's work).

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