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Mounting custom content with NFS

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Old 06-19-2020 , 23:08   Mounting custom content with NFS
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I run a bunch of competitive focused servers for Team Fortress 2 on AWS.

I am trying to make use of an EFS volume to store some cfg's and map files so I can centrally manage them instead of having to put out copies to each server.

I'm able to mount an EFS (which is an NFS filesystem) to tf/download and have the server recognize the maps.

However when I try mounting the volume to tf/custom it cannot find any of the cfg files. I also tried mounting to tf/cfg where it does recognize the cfg file but fails to execute because srcds believes the file is over 1 MB (it's not).

I know that NFS filesystems don't support inotify so maybe that's where srcds is getting tripped up trying to index the custom folder?

Edit: I was able to make a simple plugin to try and just see if i could load the cfg from inside the srcds process and it worked; so im guessing exec itself is doing something weird?
Edit 2: I tried mounting a plain EBS volume with an XFS file system and srcds had no issues reading that. So im guessing something specific about srcds reading from NFS file systems and getting an incorrect size value back

Any help would be appreciated!

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Old 07-19-2020 , 09:07   Re: Mounting custom content with NFS
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I have the same issue. I'm not using NFS though, but Gluster. I looked around a bit and the exec calls may indeed be using inotify. GlusterFS is missing it too, so it may be the right direction.

If there's anyone with expertise on this topic, I'd be glad to hear it.
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