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MVMVictory HookUserMessage

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Old 06-15-2020 , 19:09   MVMVictory HookUserMessage
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Hi all, I'd like to use the User Message MVMVictory, and hook it with HookUserMessage.

Basically, I'd like sm_resetpopfile to be sent once it's been hooked with MVMVictory after a mann vs machine match was completed.

I've tried it with this code, I don't exactly know what type of public action to use for it.

#include <sourcemod>
#include <sdktools>
#include <tf2>
#include <sdkhooks>
#include <events>

public Plugin:myinfo = 
	name = "[TF2]Reset Popfile",
	author = "Gurrth",
	description = "Resets current Popfile after a MVM Mission Completes, no map change",
	version = "1.0",
	url = ""

public OnPluginStart()

	PrintToServer("[SM] Rest Pop Files is Loaded!");
	RegConsoleCmd("sm_resetpopfile", command_resetpopfile, "resets popfile");
	HookUserMessage(GetUserMessageId("MVMVictory" ), mvm_complete, true); 

// What sm_resetpopfile does
public Action:command_resetpopfile(client, args)
	char responseBuffer[4096];
	int ObjectiveEntity = FindEntityByClassname(-1, "tf_objective_resource");
	// Get Popfile Name
	GetEntPropString(ObjectiveEntity, Prop_Send, "m_iszMvMPopfileName", responseBuffer, sizeof(responseBuffer));
	// Tell server to change popfile 
	ServerCommand("tf_mvm_popfile %s", ObjectiveEntity);

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Old 06-16-2020 , 20:01   Re: MVMVictory HookUserMessage
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I haven't used HookUserMessage before. But... after reading these:


I would probably do something like this:

PHP Code:
#include <sourcemod>
#include <sdktools>

public Plugin:myinfo 
name "[TF2]Reset Popfile",
author "Gurrth",
description "Resets current Popfile after a MVM Mission Completes, no map change",
version "1.0",
url ""

RegConsoleCmd("sm_resetpopfile"command_resetpopfile"resets popfile");
HookUserMessage(GetUserMessageId("MVMVictory" ), mvm_completetrue); 

Action:mvm_complete(UserMsg:msg_idHandle:bf, const players[], playersNumbool:reliablebool:init
char responseBuffer[4096];
int ObjectiveEntity FindEntityByClassname(-1"tf_objective_resource");

// Get Popfile Name
// Tell server to change popfile 
ServerCommand("tf_mvm_popfile %s"ObjectiveEntity);

char responseBuffer[4096];
int ObjectiveEntity FindEntityByClassname(-1"tf_objective_resource");
// Get Popfile Name
// Tell server to change popfile 
ServerCommand("tf_mvm_popfile %s"ObjectiveEntity);

Note: Not tested since I gave up on running MvM long ago after it kept kicking all players every mapchange. I never did receive a solution to that problem. Anyway, I hope this works for you.
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