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[L4D] Hooking/Modifying Max Clip

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Old 06-05-2020 , 14:16   [L4D] Hooking/Modifying Max Clip
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IMAGES: https://imgur.com/a/Dvm4XuL

This has been asked before but I took the approach via Assembly so far, above is an image of the pointer address (level 2) which contains the SMG Max Clip size that is called and loaded from the memory into the weapon that is reloading on the last frame.

If you change this pointer's value at any time, the Bots will immediately reload, now the question is if I can somehow inject myself directly into the game on reload to modify it for that player. My guess Its going to be hard since this is a global value for the that weapon type.

Since changing it affects all players at that given moment.
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Old 06-05-2020 , 14:29   Re: [L4D] Hooking/Modifying Max Clip
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Left4DHooks can retrieve and set max clip size, or Info Editor to modify weapons properties. You could try hooking reload, setting, and reverting in post. Or why not just hook reload and set m_iClip1 value to what you want for the individual? You would need to hook attempt to ammo equip and manually refill ammo because the ammo pile won't let you if game default clip size for rifle is 50 and you set a clients to 100 e.g.

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