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Danger Zone Plugins

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    Plugins for Danger Zone servers
    Old 01-06-2019 , 16:08   Danger Zone Plugins
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    I developed several plugins for Danger Zone servers that I wanted to release in hopes of stimulating danger zone community servers. I would love to see some American servers than I can join with some big maps (e.g. Hunger Games maps) and modifications to the game play to explore different possibilities.


    That said, these plugins are largely untested. The only testing involved me by myself, or one or two others present. As such, I would not be surprised if there is a bug or two. Let me know if you run into any. I will try to note anything I know about outstanding bugs in the write-up below.

    TOG Danger Zone Stats
    Simple stats plugin for danger zone. I had a bunch of plans for this to create a good ranking system, but it will need further work to get there. Namely, I was planning on adding in !top commands to run queries for top players in different stats categories (you'll even see some commented-out sample code in there from my scrim plugin). You'll also see some commented out code for managing/uploading server demos for each match. If you uncomment it, I believe it may work, but I never tested it. This one was still a WIP, but I believe it was working as-is for basic stats collection. This plugin would be great for collecting stats from multi-day tournaments, etc.

    TOG Danger Zone Team Selection
    Provides menus for team selection at the start of a match in danger zone. There is similar code floating around the forums somewhere.

    TOG Danger Zone Spawn Weapons
    Controls spawn weapons for Danger Zone. Code was based off stuff found on the forums. I'm aware of one bug: If you throw your melee weapon, it messes up that weapon slot until you pick it up again (after which throwing wont mess it up anymore) - havent had time to address this yet.

    TOG Danger Zone Weapon Clips
    Moves ammo from reserve to the gun clip for all weapons spawned (by default, each gun must be reloaded upon pickup - this makes it so that the ammo is already loaded).
    Coding disclaimer

    These plugins are being released as-is, though I may provide some basic support to them. Hope this encourages a few more community servers to take a stab at running some DZ servers and perhaps get some different (bigger) maps in there.
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    File Type: zip togdzteamselection.zip (17.5 KB, 300 views)
    File Type: zip togdzweaponclips.zip (7.4 KB, 226 views)
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    Old 06-14-2019 , 11:22   Re: Danger Zone Plugins
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    good plugins follow like this
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    Old 10-06-2019 , 08:28   Re: Danger Zone Plugins
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    First of all, thank you for these great plugins!

    I have an issue though with the TOG Danger Zone Team Selection plugin. The menu doesn't auto-close once the warm-up ends, which is annoying, because it blocks like 1/4 of screen.

    Do you have any idea how to fix that?

    Thanks a lot in advance and have a great day!
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    Old 06-27-2020 , 10:14   Re: Danger Zone Plugins
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    Soved plugin tog danger zone team? Menu?
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