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UserMessages to New Syntax

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Old 02-07-2018 , 17:06   UserMessages to New Syntax
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Hey all! I'm updating SMLIB to new syntax, and want to implement methodmaps properly for UserMessages. Is the following valid or even correct?

PHP Code:
stock bool Client_ScreenFade(int clientint durationint modeint holdtime=-1int r=0int g=0int b=0int a=255bool reliable=true)
Handle userMessage StartMessageOne("Fade"client, (reliable?USERMSG_RELIABLE:0)); // Can view_as be used here to convert to Protobuf/BfWrite?

if (userMessage == null) {

    if (
GetFeatureStatus(FeatureType_Native"GetUserMessageType") == FeatureStatus_Available &&
GetUserMessageType() == UM_Protobuf) {

Protobuf message UserMessageToProtobuf(userMessage); // Is this valid, and does this need to be deleted below?

int color[4];
color[0] = r;
color[1] = g;
color[2] = b;
color[3] = a;

message.SetInt("duration",   duration);
message.SetInt("hold_time",  holdtime);
message.SetInt("flags",      mode);
message.SetColor("clr",        color);
    else {

BfWrite message UserMessageToBfWrite(userMessage); // Is this valid, and does this need to be deleted below?

message.WriteShort(duration);    // Fade duration
message.WriteShort(holdtime);    // Fade hold time
message.WriteShort(mode);        // What to do
message.WriteByte(r);            // Color R
message.WriteByte(g);            // Color G
message.WriteByte(b);            // Color B
message.WriteByte(a);            // Color Alpha


The wiki for UserMessages is still using old syntax/non-methodmapped functions, so this could also be used to update the wiki too :)


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Old 02-08-2018 , 03:45   Re: UserMessages to New Syntax
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Seems fine to me. All UserMessageToXXX does is return the same Handle but view_as-ed, so if you want to do view_as manually it'd still work but I wouldn't recommend it.
As for the wiki, a lot of stuff on there is outdated. Feel free to edit/fix it when you find something. You can log in using your AM account and make edits.
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