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Command Arg without quotes

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Old 08-11-2016 , 02:19   Command Arg without quotes
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I created a command which takes one argument and prints this argument to the chat.

PHP Code:
public Action:chatCommand(clientargs) {
args 1) {
PrintToConsole(client"usage: chatmessage <message>");



PrintToChatAll("Admin: %s"Arg1);

If I use the command like
PHP Code:
chatmessage "this is my message" 
it prints the whole message.

But if I do
PHP Code:
chatmessage this is my message 
it splits at the first space and only prints "Admin: this".

Is there any way to fix this? Thank you very much for your help!
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Old 08-11-2016 , 03:30   Re: Command Arg without quotes
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If they quote it, it's one argument. If they don't, it's multiple. This is useful in some cases to make parsing much easier if you have multiple parameters but at least one can contain spaces.

If you don't care about the difference, you can just use GetCmdArgString().
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Old 08-11-2016 , 18:20   Re: Command Arg without quotes
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Use GetCmdArgString
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