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CS:GO Server Var Issues

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Old 06-13-2018 , 01:54   Re: CS:GO Server Var Issues
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latency-performance but you can also try network-latency and throughput-performance

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Old 06-13-2018 , 10:26   Re: CS:GO Server Var Issues
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Originally Posted by radiumleague View Post
We also are using about 10-15% usage per server.
Note: As SRCDS is single threaded for the main process you need to remember that your max usage is <100>/<thread count> when looking at the main CPU usage. You have 8 threads on your CPU, full single core usage is 12.5% of the entire CPU. The CPU usage also throttles every second or so (depending on tickrate). Your in game image looks very much like the core its running on is maxing out.

You need to make sure that power saving moves are disabled / set to performance, each CPU core/thread is running at it's max speed and that you are not running more than 7 servers on this CPU (1 server per core less one for OS stuff).

In relation to using a VPS, you are adding another layer between the SRCDS process and the CPU threads. If you are using the machine without other users sharing resources, you should run on a dedicated OS instead of using virtualisation.

Lack of RAM will also result in degraded performance as HDD swap memory will be used dramatically slowing down SRCDS instances accessing memory.

For more help you should really be providing.

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Old 01-26-2019 , 07:43   Re: CS:GO Server Var Issues
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Originally Posted by Zuby24 View Post
A short list to do.
Set sv_occlude_players to "0".
Second use a tuned. -> https://www.linuxsecrets.com/2892-tu...ux-performance
Enable turbo for you processor. -> https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpo...5&postcount=15

Also check your Mhz cores. cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep "MHz" and see if it is set on higher freq
I can confirm that applying tuned realtime profile on top of a selfcompiled 1000hz fully preempt kernel gives apx. 0.0001 to 0.0000 var on a Xeon 1246 V3 on Ubuntu 18.04.
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