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Private CVar Listing

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Admin Commands
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Team Fortress 2
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    List all server console variables and commands, even those hidden by Valve
    Old 02-26-2008 , 02:33   Private CVar Listing
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    Requirements : Sourcemod 1801+
    Todo : Add convar \ command descriptions, any more ideas?
    Installation : Download cvarlist.smx to <gamedir>/addons/sourcemod/plugins/
    Load plugin either with `sm plugins load cvarlist` or with a server restart.

    This mod lists all cvars and commands in the game. `sm_cvarlist` will list convars, public and private, and `sm_cmdlist` will list commands.

    1/31/08 - Released

    Admin must have convar access to use this plugin.
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    File Type: smx cvarlist.smx (1.9 KB, 2151 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (cvarlist.sp - 4413 views - 1.4 KB)

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    Old 02-26-2008 , 19:42   Re: Private CVar Listing
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    Bravo! Installing it on all my servers.

    Otto Bohn
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    Old 08-09-2008 , 00:16   Re: Private CVar Listing
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    i've modified it to have an optional search feature, and not only search by name, but also cvar/command and flags

    sm_cclist [search] [AND contains] [AND contains] [...]

    cheat cvars
    sm_cclist ",14.1" "]cvar"

    cheat commands
    sm_cclist "]command" ",14.1"

    all commands/cvar that start with "mp_"
    sm_cclist "[mp_"

    has cheat flag: ",14.1", does not have cheat flag: ",14.0"

    see sourcemod/scripting/include/console.inc for more
    //define FCVAR_PROTECTED			(1<<5)	/**< It's a server cvar, but we don't send the data since it's a password, etc. Sends 1 if it's not bland/zero, 0 otherwise as value. */
    //define	FCVAR_NOTIFY			(1<<8)	/**< Notifies players when changed. */
    //define	FCVAR_USERINFO			(1<<9)	/**< Changes the client's info string. */
    //define FCVAR_REPLICATED		(1<<13)	/**< Server setting enforced on clients. */
    //define FCVAR_CHEAT				(1<<14)	/**< Only useable in singleplayer / debug / multiplayer & sv_cheats */
    //define FCVAR_DEMO				(1<<16)	/**< Record this cvar when starting a demo file. */
    //define FCVAR_DONTRECORD		(1<<17)	/**< Don't record these command in demo files. */
    //define FCVAR_PLUGIN			(1<<18)	/**< Defined by a 3rd party plugin. */
    //define FCVAR_NOT_CONNECTED		(1<<22)	/**< Cvar cannot be changed by a client that is connected to a server. */
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (cvarlist.sp - 1158 views - 2.8 KB)

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    Old 08-28-2008 , 11:20   Re: Private CVar Listing
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    I didn't liked yours Seather. It is very ugly when you type it in the console.

    We need a good search feature for the original plugin, as well as the so expected descriptions. Where are they?
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    Old 05-30-2010 , 17:17   Re: Private CVar Listing
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    If possible, could someone edit the original plugin in the first post to add a delay in which the the individual commands are replied back? To prevent this error?

    Netchannel: failed reading message svc_Print from (IP)
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    Old 08-06-2011 , 12:20   Re: Private CVar Listing
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    Really? One of the most useful plugins, and it only has 5 posts? Well now it has 6 posts and 5 stars.
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    Old 11-12-2011 , 21:29   Re: Private CVar Listing
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    Does anyone know if this still works (I apologize for the necro, I just REALLY need the full cvarlist)
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