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Segmentation fault 11

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Old 10-27-2020 , 06:19   Segmentation fault 11
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Sometimes my server crash and i get this error in debug.log:

CRASH: Thu Oct 22 212:50 EEST 2020
Start Line: ./hlds_linux -debug -console +ip XX.XX.XX.XX +port 27015 -game cstrike +map css_dust2_go +maxplayers 32 +exec users.ini +fps_max +sys_ticrate 512 +sv_visiblemaxplayers 32 -pingboost 2 -secure -zone 8192 -pidfile hlds.20065.pid
[New LWP 28339]
[New LWP 28345]
[New LWP 28342]
[New LWP 28343]
[New LWP 28349]
[New LWP 28352]
[New LWP 28351]
[New LWP 29895]
[New LWP 28350]
[New LWP 28353]
Core was generated by `./hlds_linux -debug -console +ip XX.XX.XX.XX +port 27015 -game cstrike +map c'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
#0 0xf6e19b93 in ?? ()
#0 0xf6e19b93 in ?? ()
No symbol table info available.
No shared libraries loaded at this time.
Stack level 0, frame at 0x0:
eip = 0xf6e19b93; saved eip 0xf6e19b93
Outermost frame: outermost
Arglist at unknown address.
Locals at unknown address, Previous frame's sp in esp
End of crash report

My meta list:

[ 1] AMX Mod X RUN- amxmodx_mm_i386. v1.10.0. iniStart ANY
[ 2] Reunion RUN- reunion_mm_i386. v0.1.0.9 iniStart Never
[ 3] Rechecker RUN- rechecker_mm_i38 v2.5iniChlvl ANY
[ 4] ReAuthCheckRUN- reauthcheck_mm_i v0.1.6 iniStart Never
[ 5] Ultimate Unprec RUN- unprecacher_i386 vBeta 2. iniChlvl Chlvl
[ 6] WHBlocker RUN- whblocker_mm_i38 v1.5.696 iniChlvl ANY
[ 7] ReSemiclip RUN- resemiclip_mm_i3 v2.3.9 iniChlvl ANY
[ 8] MySQRUN- mysql_amxx_i386. v1.9.0.5 pl1ANYANY
[ 9] SQLite RUN- sqlite_amxx_i386 v1.10.0. pl1ANYANY
[10] Fun RUN- fun_amxx_i386.so v1.10.0. pl1ANYANY
[11] Engine RUN- engine_amxx_i386 v1.10.0. pl1ANYANY
[12] FakeMetaRUN- fakemeta_amxx_i3 v1.10.0. pl1ANYANY
[13] GeoIPRUN- geoip_amxx_i386. v1.10.0. pl1ANYANY
[14] Ham Sandwich RUN- hamsandwich_amxx v1.10.0. pl1ANYANY
[15] CStrike RUN- cstrike_amxx_i38 v1.10.0. pl1ANYANY
[16] CSX RUN- csx_amxx_i386.so v1.10.0. pl1ANYANY
[17] ReAPIRUN- reapi_amxx_i386. v5.15.0. pl1ANYNever

My metamotd version : metamotd-p 1.21p37
Any suggestion why my server crash?

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Old 10-27-2020 , 14:45   Re: Segmentation fault 11
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No one here cares about why a non-steam server crashes.
Non-steam = no support.

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