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[CSS]Dedicated Server with ZR on a VM lagging

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Old 09-14-2020 , 00:33   [CSS]Dedicated Server with ZR on a VM lagging
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So I wanted to create a server to play zombie mod with a few friends I have, maybe fill the server with some bots so it doesnt feel empty. I first read a guide on how to make a srcds for css for windows, but it just kept crashing on launch and couldn't fix it.

So I installed a CentOS 7 VM and installed the srcds with steamcmd, ran it, enter the server with some bots to test, and it was lagless. So then I installed the ZR. Again enter the server to test it with some bots and still lagless. Then I added more zombie classess with models I found, like the half torso zombie, and some headcrabs and mothercrabs, and a few more, and also added a few extra plugins like zombieclaws, zr_noarmor, etc. Right now

I have not downloaded zm maps yet so the first map the server loads is dust. When I enter the server to test it again after adding the things that I mentioned, it does feel a little bit laggy sometimes in the first map, but is playable and is just little bit. But when the server changes map, the first rounds it's like the server is gonna explode or something, the next rounds are less laggy than the first but still a lot more than the first map, so I keep rubberbanding some times.

I did all the tests with 32 maxplayers, and the bot quota I set was 32 too but somehow there were only 22 bots.

The VM has only 1024 MB of RAM, it's just CLI and the last time I checked top output srcds was using 60.0 CPU Max (Idk if that's normal) and a little bit more than 15% Memory, so Idk, I might add more but I'm on a laptop lol and that's the best I have with 8 RAM. I could use an old laptop and clean it and install centos on it so the server can use all the RAM it might need.

Aside from that, I think my light human class is bugged, whenever I chose it the next round my class selection resets to light zombie (One I added) and Normal Human.

And, I know I'm not there yet but, I've already forwarded the ports on my router for srcds. The few times I got srcds running on windows I checked the ports and they were open succesfully, but now that I'm running the server on a VM, Idk if I need to do something extra but when I check the ports when the server is running they say closed. The console says that it connected to steam servers and shows my public IP so I thought it was working.

Outputs that might help

I'm new to making dedicated servers so, Idk what to submit to help you guys, so you guys tell me what I can bring to you.

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