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[tf2] need to grant a condition to capping players

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Old 10-29-2022 , 15:20   [tf2] need to grant a condition to capping players
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i need to grant a condition to capping players, specifically through an sdkhook of the clients thinking. if "sdk of the clients thinking" is a bit too vauge, which i'll admit it probably is, i have a script below for elaborating on what i mean.

PHP Code:
#pragma semicolon 1
#include <sourcemod>

#include <tf2>
#include <sdkhooks>

#pragma newdecls required

public void OnMapStart() {
    for (
int i 1<= MaxClientsi++) {
        if (
IsClientInGame(i)) {

void OnClientPutInServer(int client) {

void OnClientPostThinkPost(int client) {
    if (
INSERT CHECK FOR WHETHER THE CLIENT IS CAPPING HERE) { //the check for whether the client is capping would go here

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Old 10-29-2022 , 16:37   Re: [tf2] need to grant a condition to capping players
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I have a plugin that rewards players who captured (past tense) a control point. It wouldn't take much to change the hooked captured event to something more to your liking, as long as it lists the person(s) capping, like "teamplay_point_startcapture". Here's a link to Team Fortress 2 Events: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Team_Fortress_2_Events

This particular plugin rewards every human player who captured the objective with $500 cash (I use money in my server), 5 seconds of a few nice buff conditions, a short visual effect, and a cheer sound heard by the cappers.

Note: I never would have been able to make this plugin without the help of the very talented Bacardi.

PHP Code:
#include <sdktools>

#pragma semicolon 1
#pragma newdecls required

#define PLUGIN_VERSION "1.0"

#define CHEER    "/ambient_mp3/bumper_car_cheer3.mp3"

public Plugin myinfo 
name "[TF2] Who Captured the Point",
author "PC Gamer, with help from Bacardi",
description "Show who captured the control point",
url "www.sourcemod.com"

void OnPluginStart()

void OnMapStart()

void teamplay_point_captured(Event eventchar[] namebool dontBroadcast)
char cappers[32];        // example, event output "cappers" string: \x01\x02\x03
int client_index;

char message[200];


int cappers_count strlen(cappers);
int[] cappers_array = new int[cappers_count]; // store client indexs
for(int x 0cappers_countx++)
client_index view_as<int>(cappers[x]);

Format(messagesizeof(message), "%s, %N"messageclient_index);
cappers_array[x] = client_index;

PrintToServer("%s captured control point"message[2]);
int y 0cappers_county++)
PrintToServer("%N is a Human who capped a control point"cappers_array[y]);

ServerCommand("sm_addcash #%d 500"GetClientUserId(cappers_array[y]));
ServerCommand("sm_addcond #%d 26 5"GetClientUserId(cappers_array[y])); 
ServerCommand("sm_addcond #%d 29 5"GetClientUserId(cappers_array[y]));
ServerCommand("sm_addcond #%d 16 5"GetClientUserId(cappers_array[y]));
ServerCommand("sm_addcond #%d 6 5"GetClientUserId(cappers_array[y]));
PrintToChat(cappers_array[y], "Enjoy Bonuses for capping the control point");
PrintToServer("Gave Capture Bonuses to %N"cappers_array[y]);
EmitSoundToClient(cappers_array[y], CHEER);    

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Old 11-03-2022 , 21:59   Re: [tf2] need to grant a condition to capping players
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thank you!
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