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FF2 Freak Fortress is currently disabled and no bosses appear in the boss menu

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Old 09-21-2022 , 15:32   Freak Fortress is currently disabled and no bosses appear in the boss menu
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Hello fellow Freak Fortress 2 community I only just got onto the forums earlier today because I realised the only way I was gonna be able to find any actual support for Freak fortress 2 would have to be through this forum and I am for sure looking forward to making more posts in the future to try contributing to this small community.

Now for the topic at hand ,basically very recently I have set up my first Team Fortress 2 server which is a small Freak Fortress 2 server being hosted on Linode running Ubuntu version 20 and so far I have been able to get sourcemod working and the plugin TF2items needed to run this gamemode and it currently boots to a default 2fort map although I can switch to any of the several vsh maps I have added to the maps directory through sm_rcon.

I have hosted and managed several servers of my own in the past like home plex servers or apache web servers before just not a game server so I am still learning the ropes of both sourcemod and navigating the file structure of a typical ff2 server which I would say I am quickly starting to get the hang of.

I am currently using Unofficial Freak Fortress | 1.20.4 from
as the rewritten version caused so many errors to appear when the server was booting up as seen through ssh related to files being missing even for the files that were not missing even though I made sure to follow the installation process correctly step by step and I also tried reinstalling the mod several times with the same outcome so I used 1.20.4 instead and the errors disappeared.

Where the problem starts is that the freak fortress 2 menu does load with it's default options but I am currently unable to select any bosses with !ff2boss because it happens to be blank so I tried typing /ff2boss [insert boss name here] which causes the error message "Freak Fortress 2 is currently disabled to appear on the screen.

As for the solutions well so far I have tried checking every possible configuration file related to Freak fortress on my server for any kind of setting that indicates some kind way to enable the gamemode and I did also try ff2_enabled (1) in my FreakFortress2.cfg which also failed to solve the problem.

What frustrates me the most is that I cannot find a single mention of this exact error message even on this forums so I have had to do some deep digging online to find potential solutions.

*edit* I just got rid of the error message and the fix was actually dead simple and I overlooked it this entire time because I was being an absolute n00b and basically to enable the mod one must set ff2_enabled to two not one and with qoutation marks instead of what I thought was the correct approach and now the server said it had no bots spawning which I also managed to fix by typing rcon_sm tf_bot_add but unfortunately the empty boss list is still a problem and the fact the boss dies instantly if player does not go on blu team although I was able to play as boss and wreck havoc on red team.

Will update this post again when everything is fixed and I have everything configured and up and running accordingly.

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